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Just remember, when you listen to Phil doing the PhilCast, it's not just a radio show, it's his life on the radio.

This from a guy who has been doing radio since he first went on the air in 1978.
Old?  No.  He likes to say well-seasoned, like a good rack of ribs.

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  • Why in the world would you reward terrible behavior with giving the person responsible for that behavior a shot on a national television show?
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  • Another school year begins in Appleton next Thursday, Sept. 1st.
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  • Okay, an afternoon snack of a candy bar or a bag of chips washed down with something to drink from a vending machine is one thing...
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  • On the Monday PhilCast I'll have my final "PhilCast Olympic Update of Olympic Proportions" segment at 4:20ish. We say goodbye then until the Winter Games roll around.
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  • There it was, as if it was haunting me as it appeared out of nowhere once again.
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