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Weigh-In Wednesday; Week 3

Wednesday, Jan, 28 2015

Report in please....
Post your Week 3 results at the PhilCast Facebook fan page or email direct....then listen at the start of the show today to see who's doing what in Week 3.

CLICK HERE to post on the PC FB page.

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The KFC Double Down Dog

Tuesday, Jan, 27 2015

There it is.

For now, this is only being tested in the Philippines.

But the question I ask...would you want it made available here in the United States?

A cheese-infused dog on a chicken bun with some sort of cheese-like goo on top.

What next?

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Pro Bowl fix

Monday, Jan, 26 2015

How to fix the NFL Pro Bowl?

--the goofy uniforms

--the goofy way they pick teams

--the goofy concept

--the goofy teammate against teammate

The whole thing is just goofy.

I think it needs to be changed, but to what? Specifically I'm not sure, but I do have a bigger-picture idea for where things need to start going to save this entire concept.

We'll discuss as part of "HowzYer Weekend?" on the Monday PhilCast.

Also, some unrest at the Miss Universe Pageant last night.

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Chadoin' This Weekend?

Friday, Jan, 23 2015

Mild Saturday.
Snow on Sunday.
No NFL football.

Chadoin' This Weekend? at 4:30-ish on the PhilCast Friday.

CLICK HERE to post up your event/plans and then join us to find out what's up in the area this weekend as we chat with Mary Rhode of the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Woman throws a ferry fit

Thursday, Jan, 22 2015

Outstanding audio of the day on the PhilCast Thursday....
CLICK HERE to watch the viral video of the Canadian woman who throws a hissy fit because she missed her ferry and they wouldn't let her on late.

Warning....she does let a naughty word loose at one point.

This is the price we pay for being a spoiled-rotten, all-about-me, I- want-it-now society.

On the plus side....everyone shoots video of everything these days so we get to watch and listen to nut jobs like this for a laugh.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 6 days ago Comment On This Post

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