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Slide Show: Meet the ultra-exclusive club of people fired by Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett doesn’t like to go public with his disputes. But the man who will soon be advising contestants on “Celebrity Apprentice” has done some ousting at Berkshire Hathaway too.

posted 2016/04/29 by - Top Stories


Meet the food makers that think you don’t trust them

If the head judge on “Top Chef” worries that the high-end food he buys isn’t always what it says on the wrapper, what hope do you have?

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

Outside the Box: Will the end of IVF twins lead to more fertility benefits?

Why providing IVF benefits is good for families — and companies.

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

Even Warren Buffett is confused by negative interest rates

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett tells CNBC that negative interest rates are uncharted territory and that no one knows what the full implications will be.

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

NewsWatch: Amazon wows Wall Street analysts; $900-a-share here we come

Analysts had nothing but praise for Amazon on Friday, talking of shares ready to march much higher and a company that looks unstoppable in its space.

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

Economic Report: Consumer spending rises scant 0.1% in March

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Consumer spending rose a scant 0.1% in March as Americans continue to pocket steady gains in their incomes.

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

Economic Report: Employer costs rise mild 0.6% in first quarter

An index that measures what it costs a business to employ a worker rose a mild 0.6% in the first quarter and showed no sign of acceleration in the cost of labor.

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

The Wall Street Journal: Rovi will snatch up TiVo in $1.1 billion deal

Rovi Corp. said it would acquire TiVo Inc. for about $1.1 billion, a tie-up that comes as consumers are increasingly changing how they watch videos.

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

Many U.S. Olympic athletes need to couch surf, work second jobs and use Kickstarter

Athletes rely on Olympic committee, sponsors and community to get to the podium

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

Need to Know: Hide in these cheap safety stocks as the market rally stalls

It’s the last trading day of April, and stocks are stumbling toward the finish line. What’s an investor to do?

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

Market Extra: Which markets are closed on Monday?

An early May bank holiday in the U.K. coincides with International Worker’s Day this year, leaving several key global exchanges shut on Monday.

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

Capitol Report: Republican elites resigned to Trump as nominee | Sanders takes on Democratic Party | Powder sent to Trump office harmless

Republican elites are resigned to Donald Trump being their presidential nominee; Bernie Sanders takes on the Democratic Party; powder sent to Trump’s office deemed harmless; and more.

posted 2016/04/28 by - Top Stories

It was a very successful night at the PAC Thursday night, raising funds for B.A.B.E.S. I even threw down some…
posted by Philcast 2 hours ago
The Thursday PhilCast features both baseball and B.A.B.E.S., something I thought would be funny to Google image and see what…
posted by Philcast 1 day ago
Where was Ted Cruz during March Madness, when all those college kids were throwin' down the rock from three-point range…
posted by Philcast 2 days ago