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Democrats call for head of Wisconsin jobs agency to resign

Democrats who sit on the board of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation are calling for the resignation of CEO Reed Hall, following revelations that the agency gave $124 million to businesses without doing a full review of the awards. The…

posted 2015/06/24 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Wisconsin flag maker will drop Confederate flags

A Wisconsin based flag manufacturer will halt sales and production of Confederate flags. The decision by the board of directors of Eder Flag Manufacturing Company in Oak Creek comes with the banner at the center of controversy in South Carolina…

posted 2015/06/24 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Milwaukee Senate Democrats to meet with Fitzgerald on Bucks deal

Milwaukee Senate Democrats are being asked to the table on a new Bucks arena. “We haven’t been in on the discussion, we haven’t been filled in on the details. We don’t know where their votes are at, and there hasn’t…

posted 2015/06/24 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News


Republicans say ‘progress’ being made in budget talks

Republican leaders in the Legislature continue to work behind closed doors on the state budget, although it remains unclear whether they will wrap up their work before the state’s current fiscal year ends next Tuesday. Senate Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald…

posted 2015/06/23 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Storms cause damage across southern Wisconsin

Wisconsin Emergency Management officials are detailing more of the damage done by severe thunderstorms that swept across southern portions of the state Monday. The agency says 20 homes and 30 farm buildings were either destroyed or severely damaged in Grant…

posted 2015/06/23 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Kenosha homeowner hogties suspected burglar

A Kenosha homeowner hopes the young man he hogtied and sat on until police arrived will get the help he needs after being charged with burglary. Jerry Grover, who is the head wrestling Coach at Bradford High School, used a…

posted 2015/06/23 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Wisconsin Democrats repeat call for federal WEDC probe

Democratic legislators are once again calling for an investigation of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. That’s in the wake of the agency’s release of an internal review, reporting that 27 awards of more than $124 million dollars were made with…

posted 2015/06/23 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Nass wants Bucks arena out of budget

A Republican lawmaker is repeating the preference of a majority of GOP state Senators, who want a financing plan for a new Bucks arena out of the state budget. Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) said Monday that it’s the kind of…

posted 2015/06/23 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News


Republicans call for balance in transportation cuts

More than half of the Republicans in the state Assembly want cuts in transportation spending shared equally across the state. Republican leaders have been trying to work out a budget deal that could see transportation spending in the next state…

posted 2015/06/22 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News


Powerful storms rip through southern Wisconsin

Thousands were left without power, trees were knocked down, and multiple buildings were damaged, as a strong line of thunderstorms swept across southern Wisconsin Monday morning. The line of storms stretched across several counties and Tod Pritchard with Wisconsin Emergency…

posted 2015/06/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Hearing set for Wisconsin state trooper pay raise plan

Lawmakers have set a public hearing at the Capitol for Tuesday on a proposed pay raise for Wisconsin state troopers. Republican legislative leaders in March rejected an average pay hike of 17 percent for troopers. A compromise released Monday by…

posted 2015/06/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Walker to donate money from white supremacist to charity

Governor Scott Walker will donate a campaign donation from a white supremacist leader to charity. Walker was one of several potential Republican presidential candidates to receive a donation from Earl Holt, the leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens. The…

posted 2015/06/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

I happen to stumble accross this on TV the other night, but Packers RB Eddie Lacy was on the NFC…
posted by Justin Hull 4 hours ago
We all know what a pain it can be these days when flying. But I stumbled across an article that…
posted by Philcast 11 hours ago
Baseball continues to tweak one of the popular events of its All-Star Festivities.  The Home Run Derby is getting a…
posted by Justin Hull 1 day ago