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Mary Burke and Scott Walker set for first debate

The two main candidates for governor meet face-to-face for a debate tonight. Governor Scott Walker says he’s ready for the first of two debates in this gubernatorial election — though, he wouldn’t call it a debate. Walker says debates are…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

U.S. Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin’s voter ID law

Less than one month before Election Day the high court decides Wisconsin cannot require voters to show a photo identification at the polling booth. Wisconsin’s photo ID law for voting was ruled constitutional on Monday by the federal appeals court…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

UW Board of Regents approves report on System balances

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents signed off Thursday on a report detailing the systems program revenues and campus reserve funds. The report comes more than a year after a legislative uproar, when an audit revealed the UW System…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Madison school officials, union want contract lawsuit dismissed

The Madison School District and its teachers’ union are asking a judge to throw out a lawsuit which seeks to invalidate new contracts approved during a legal battle involving Act 10, Governor Scott Walker’s controversial law the ended collective bargaining…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Liberian woman held at Kenosha County jail showed no signs of Ebola virus

A Liberian woman who was being held at the Kenosha County jail and monitored for signs of the Ebola virus has been released to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The woman left before dawn, according to Kenosha County Sheriff’s…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Oshkosh Defense cutting up to 370 workers

The Oshkosh Corporation is making another round of mass layoffs in its defense division. John Daggett is a spokesman for the Oshkosh-based company. He says up to 300 hourly workers and 70 salary positions will be cut in December. Most…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Wisconsin needs to improve on flu immunization rates

When it comes to getting the flu shot, there’s lots of room for improvement in Wisconsin. The state did poorly, for the number of people vaccinated during the 2012-2013 flu season. “We could be ranked a whole lot better,” said…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Kenosha County inmate monitored for signs of Ebola

A Liberian woman is a federal prisoner in the Kenosha County Jail, and currently in isolation, due to concerns worldwide about the Ebola outbreak. The woman was brought to the jail Wednesday from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport by Immigration and Customs…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Suspect jailed in Packers ticket scam

A Marshfield man is under arrest for scamming fifteen Green Bay Packers fans out of $46,034 dollars. Patrick Blachut, 37, was arrested by Marshfield Police Wednesday. Lieutenant Darren Larson said Blachut approached people in personal and business settings claiming to…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Lawmaker raises concerns about transportation fund amendment

A proposed state constitutional amendment on the ballot in Wisconsin next month asks voters to decide whether or not Wisconsin lawmakers and the governor should be allowed to remove money from the state transportation fund to pay for other projects.…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Walker defends ad after Planned Parenthood slams it

In his campaign ad, Governor Scott Walker talks directly into the camera about the “agonizing decision” on whether to terminate a pregnancy. Planned Parenthood denounces the ad, saying the governor is anti-women. In his defense, Walker says Republicans have actually…

posted 2014/10/09 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News


GAB head responds to calls to eliminate his agency

Kevin Kennedy, director and general counsel of the Government Accountability Board, says his group is “focused on administering the upcoming election,” and won’t respond to personal comments. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Tuesday said the GAB — which oversees elections,…

posted 2014/10/08 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Ebola. Make up your minds. That's the trouble with least when it comes to the whiners in this country.…
posted by Philcast 3 days ago
Maybe I should have seen this one coming. Hey Menasha, stop the madness! So now the next great historical building…
posted by Philcast 4 days ago
1 cup chopped dates 1-1/2 tsp. baking soda 1 cup boiling water Mix together and let cool. Cake: 1 cup…
posted by The Good Neighbor 5 days ago