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Lawmakers propose 70 mph speed limit for Wisconsin (VIDEO)

Republican state lawmakers are hoping to fast track legislation that would increase Wisconsin’s maximum highway speed limit to 70 miles an hour. The bill from state Representative Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc) and state Senator Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) would allow traffic safety…

posted 2015/01/22 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Senate Democrats lay out legislative agenda

Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate unveil their legislative priorities, saying Republicans aren’t focusing on what matters to Wisconsinites. Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) promotes their “Wisconsin Families First” plan, which she says focuses on growing the state economy…

posted 2015/01/22 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News


McCarthy’s younger brother dies Wednesday at 47

Earlier today, Mike McCarthy’s season ending press conference was cancelled and the Green Bay Packers public relations staff said it was a personal matter involving the coaching staff. It turns out, the personal matter was for McCarthy himself.  He had…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

State Superintendent Evers warns of ‘divisive mandates’

The state Superintendent of Public Instruction is warning educators that “divisive mandates” could be coming in the future. Speaking to the State Education Convention in Milwaukee on Wednesday, Superintendent Tony Evers told the crowd that the state is at a…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Wisconsin dad Armin Wand seeking new trial

A request has been made for a new trial in a deadly arson case in southern Wisconsin. Armin Wand, the Argyle man who set a 2012 house fire that killed his three young sons, wants a new trial. Wand is…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Wisconsin Democrats mark Citizens United anniversary (VIDEO)

On the five-year anniversary of Citizens United, activists in Wisconsin and elsewhere continue efforts to push back. The 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling means corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts to support political campaigns. At a Capitol press conference…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Menominee Tribe signs amended gaming compact with state

The Menominee Indian tribe signed an amended gaming agreement with the state Tuesday, calling it a “clear path” for Governor Scott Walker to approve its new Kenosha casino. The 25-year deal would give the state 7.5 percent of the tribe’s…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Wisconsin House Republicans react to State of the Union

President Barack Obama wants to work with congressional Republicans to create “better politics” in Washington. But Republican lawmakers from Wisconsin lawmakers said they heard very little talk of compromise during Obama’s State of the Union address. “The president said that…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

New evidence of white nose syndrome in Wisconsin bats

For the second time in a year, evidence of a deadly fungal disease has been found in Wisconsin bats. The state Department of Natural Resources says it found genetic markers for white nose syndrome in a pair of bats at…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Senate approves change in way chief justice is selected

Republican members of the state Senate approve a proposed constitutional amendment that would change the manner in which the head of the Supreme Court is selected. Under current statute, the most senior member of the state’s high court serves as…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Wisconsin lawmakers propose ban on ‘microbeads’

The use of small plastic microbeads in personal care products is getting a closer look in Wisconsin. Lawmakers have introduced legislation that would outlaw their use in a number of products, such as skin creams and facial cleansers, citing concerns…

posted 2015/01/21 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News


Pocan to highlight minimum wage workers for State of the Union

Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan wants to highlight minimum wage workers, for tonight’s State of the Union address from President Obama. Obama will address strategies to deal with income inequality. “I think what the president’s going to outline tonight, and what…

posted 2015/01/20 by Wisconsin Radio Network » » News

Thanks to Heidi Briquelet with the Little Tumor Foundation for joining us during Tuesday's noon hour. Coming up on Saturday,…
posted by Justin Hull 4 hours ago
There it is. For now, this is only being tested in the Philippines. But the question I ask...would you want…
posted by Philcast 11 hours ago
How to fix the NFL Pro Bowl? --the goofy uniforms --the goofy way they pick teams --the goofy concept --the…
posted by Philcast 1 day ago