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Russ Feingold endorses Hillary Clinton in presidential race

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold is endorsing Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. Feingold has said for months that he would not be taking sides in the race for the nomination between Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders –…

posted 2016/06/23 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Speaker Ryan defends decision to end debate on the House floor

Republicans returned to the U.S. House floor briefly overnight to pass a bill funding efforts to fight the Zika virus, amid an ongoing sit-in by Democrats calling for a vote on gun control legislation. Despite shouts of “No bill, no…

posted 2016/06/23 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Gannon proposal would target gun-free zones

Proposed legislation would allow people killed or injured in gun-free zones in Wisconsin to sue. It’s from state Representative Bob Gannon (R- Slinger). “If a business posts a sign that says ‘no weapons,’ and somebody is harmed . . .…

posted 2016/06/23 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Milwaukee residency rule

Milwaukee can no longer require its police officers and firefighters to live within the city limits, under a ruling issued by the state Supreme Court Thursday. The 5-2 ruling reverses a state appeals court decision, which found a 2013 state…

posted 2016/06/23 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network


Madison police chief responds to graphic arrest video

Madison police chief Mike Koval held a press conference on the arrest of a young woman, which has sparked protests due a to a video that has gone viral on YouTube Bystander video shows officers tasering and roughly restraining Genele…

posted 2016/06/22 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Oil pipeline to Green Bay could be closed indefinitely

The fuel will not be flowing anytime soon through the lone pipeline serving Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin. Illinois-based West Shore Pipe Line Company said Wednesday that it’s considering rebuilding the aging, repair-plagued line north of Milwaukee. In a statement…

posted 2016/06/22 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Interstate-41 crash in Fond du Lac kills 2, injures 3

The Wisconsin State Patrol says two people are dead and three others were injured, following a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 41 at Fond du Lac. State Patrol Captain Tony Burrell says it happened just before noon Wednesday, when a vehicle…

posted 2016/06/22 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Possible cougar sighting in Kenosha County

Officials in western Kenosha County are urging resident to be aware of a possible cougar on the loose in the area. While the big cat has not officially been spotted, the alert is based on reports from residents, along with…

posted 2016/06/22 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Arrest of Madison teen sparks protests

An arrest made by Madison Police lead to protests outside the Dane County Jail Tuesday night. Officers used a taser and force on 18-year-old Genele Laird earlier in the evening, after she reportedly spit in their faces and kicked and…

posted 2016/06/22 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Governor Walker names three finalists for Wisconsin Supreme Court vacancy

Governor Scott Walker has announced three finalists for a State Supreme Court vacancy created by the upcoming retirement of Justice David Prosser. Those up for the position are District II Court of Appeals Judge Mark Gundrum, District III Court of…

posted 2016/06/22 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Conservative group releases Act 10 assessment

A conservative organization has released a new study on Act 10 and its effects on teachers in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty looked at the effects of Act 10 five years after it became law. “We heard…

posted 2016/06/22 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network


Democrat questions access to Walker listening sessions

Governor Scott Walker has made a point of touting the long line of listening sessions he’s held across the state in the past several months. However, the often limited public access is drawing some criticism from Democrats, who question how…

posted 2016/06/21 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Wisconsin ranks as the 18th most patriotic state in the country. That must be the case because it says so…
posted by Philcast 1 day ago
In honor of the start of Summerfest I have some musical stories to start the Wednesday PhilCast, including some Beach…
posted by Philcast 2 days ago
There's a dress controversy brewing at Wimbledon. Nike taking heat for and making changes to a dress it has provided…
posted by Philcast 3 days ago