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Wildlife group says fines for polluters plummeted in Wisconsin

The number of financial penalties imposed in Wisconsin has seen a dramatic drop in recent years, according to a report released Wednesday by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. The group looked at fines collected for violations of state environmental laws during…

posted 2016/05/19 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network


Feingold blasts Johnson over ‘political doublespeak’ (AUDIO)

Democrat Russ Feingold claims U.S. Senator Ron Johnson is trying to have it both ways by saying he will not endorse Donald Trump, but will support him as the Republican presidential nominee. The GOP Senator reportedly told a Janesville radio…

posted 2016/05/18 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

UW-Madison fraternity suspended

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has suspended the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity from all school activities until November first. The student-led Committee on Student Organizations found the chapter violated the Student Organization Code of Conduct by creating an environment that was…

posted 2016/05/18 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Zika virus confirmed in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has its first confirmed case of a Zika virus infection. The state Department of Health Services on Wednesday announced that a Wisconsin resident who tested positive is a woman who recently traveled to Honduras, where Zika-infected mosquitoes are present.…

posted 2016/05/18 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Highlighting ‘predatory’ payday loans in Wisconsin

Faith groups and low-income advocates are shining light on the payday loan industry in Wisconsin and elsewhere. In advance of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s expected presentation of a new administrative rule that could rein in high-interest lenders and…

posted 2016/05/18 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Taking a ‘snapshot’ of Wisconsin wildlife

Wisconsin is home to numerous species of wild animals, although getting a handle on just how many can often prove quite difficult. A joint effort between University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and the state Department of Natural Resources could take some…

posted 2016/05/18 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

FBI, lawyer offer $35,000 reward to solve Milwaukee girl’s murder

The FBI and a Milwaukee-based attorney are offering a combined reward fund of $35,000 for information about who is responsible for the death of a young girl who was shot while watching TV in her home earlier this month. Police…

posted 2016/05/18 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Wisconsin Supreme Court preserves independence of DPI superintendent

The state Supreme Court has struck down a law that sought to give the governor more oversight over the Department of Public Instruction. The 2011 law required state agencies to seek approval from the governor before they create administrative rules…

posted 2016/05/18 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network


Attorney general wants employers to help fight opiate addictions

As part of an ongoing battle against prescription opiate abuse in Wisconsin, Attorney General Brad Schimel is urging employers to consider updating their drug-free workforce policies to include prescription drug abuse. Schimel was in Green Bay on Tuesday to roll…

posted 2016/05/17 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Dozens cited for underage drinking at Fond du Lac County party

More than 40 people were cited for underage drinking after the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office got an anonymous tip about a party in the Town of Byron last Friday night. Deputy Sheriff Mark Strand said when deputies arrived…

posted 2016/05/17 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Police hope more Madison homicide suspects come forward

A Madison area law enforcement official continues to have concerns, even as a homicide suspect turns himself in. Kortney Moore faces a first degree murder charge in the shooting death of Elijiah Washington last Wednesday at a gas station in…

posted 2016/05/17 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

Neurological horse virus found in West Bend stable

A West Bend stable is under quarantine after a horse tested positive for equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1). The virus is highly contagious, often causing respiratory disease and reproductive failure. State veterinarian Doctor Paul McGraw says the illness can also have a…

posted 2016/05/17 by News – Wisconsin Radio Network

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posted by The Good Neighbor 3 days ago
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posted by Philcast 3 days ago
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