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Appleton plans pay stations at library parking lot

The parking lot at the Appleton public library could have pay stations, instead of parking meters, soon.

The city council is set to vote next week on a contract to buy three pay stations -- two for outside, and one for inside the library.

Public works director Paula Vandehey says the city put pay stations in the Soldiers Square lot last year, and there's a convenience factor to the system. She says people would be able to add time to their parking spot at the library, from one of the stations in Soldiers Square, and vice-versa.

Vandehey says as they continue to expand the system to other places, hopefully it will be more convenient for people to park and walk around the downtown.

She says there has been a learning curve at the Soldiers Square lot. Vandehey says the biggest complaint is that people can't use credit cards at the stations, but that will change sometime this year.

posted : January, 9th by WHBY

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