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East high holds referendum open house

Appleton schools have a referendum on next month's ballot, and people were able to see the facilities at one school, last night.

The district held an informational meeting, at East high school.

The school board is seeking $25 million for maintenance projects and technology upgrades, on February 18th.

Assistant superintendent Ben Vogel says that would include upgrading the science areas at East. He says students at all high schools across the district, should have similar facilities. He says the same goes for the middle school level, where three of the four buildings have older classrooms and labs.

Technical education teacher Nick German says their facilities were designed to accommodate about 15 students in a class. He says now they won't even schedule a course, unless at least 29 students sign up. German says that causes a space crunch, in the room, and for their equipment.

The district is holding two more meetings this month, and the first one is Tuesday, Jan. 21, at Appleton West high school. The third will be on Jan. 27, at Madison middle school. Both will get underway at 6 p.m.

posted : January, 14th by WHBY

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