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Walker lays out plan for tax cuts

Governor Walker is touting the state's $900 million budget surplus, and calling for more tax cuts.

He made the argument, during his State of the State speech, last night, saying a surplus should go back to the people that earned it -- the taxpayers.

Walker outlined a property tax of more than $400 million that would save the typical homeowner $101. He says people would save up to $58, by reducing the lowest income tax bracket. That proposal would cost almost $99 million.

The governor will also have the revenue department change the state's income tax withholding tables, to keep more than $320 million in people's paychecks.

Walker says there are 13,000 new companies in the state, and that shows the economy is improving. He says that's more than his goal of 10,000, over four years. The governor says if each of those new businesses hired 15 people, the state would reach his goal of creating 250,000 jobs in four years.

The governor also unveiled a program to encourage companies to hire people with disabilities.

posted : January, 23rd by WHBY

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