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District holds tech panel on referendum

There's a referendum on next month's ballot in the Appleton school district, and a panel talked about the possibilities for improved technology, last night.

Some of the $25 million in the proposal would provide a laptop or tablet-type device for each high school student. The middle and elementary schools would also get more devices.

Janice Wu is a senior at Appleton North high school, and she uses her own tablet. She says if every student had something like it, they could load electronic textbooks onto them.

Wu says she uses her tablet to take notes in all of her classes. She says she can access them anywhere, and search for specific topics, instead of leafing through notebooks.

The district is holding a referendum on February 18. The first question is for $25 million for remodeling projects and technology upgrades. The second one asks for $5 million a year, for ongoing maintenance and technology needs.

posted : January, 28th by WHBY

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