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Taking stock in the PhilCast

Wednesday, Dec, 7 2011

Tuesday the Green Bay Packers opened up selling stock in the team once again. You too can be an owner in the NFL, sort of. It's brilliant really, and the rest of the NFL teams are green and gold with envy over this one because they can't do it and we here in Wisconsin can.

So I figured why not have some fun and pretend to sell stock in the PhilCast too?

Jim Grassl and the crew over at Insta Print Plus in Appleton put together a dandy little certificate that looks great. I headed over to pick it up and get myself to the studio after that.

What I didn't plan on (because this was one of those spur-of-the-moment things) was listeners actually wanting these things!

I guess the prototype looks pretty darned good.

Heck, I'm gonna take this one, frame it and stick it up on my wall of radio memories in my home office.

Maybe the next step here will be ask Jim to actually run some copies of this thing so we can figure out a way to get them to people who want one.

Ya just never know some times what's gonna fly. Stay tuned...

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What's old is new again

Monday, Dec, 5 2011

I'm going to try to combine a couple of things here when I update my WHBY PhilCast blog. First of all I'll be able to post pictures and links here that I talk about on each day's show. And the other thing I'll do from time to time is write about something going on that never makes it to the airwaves....you know....exclusive content here only....so bookmark and check back please.

Lets start with a Monday show topic-
I'm facsinated with pickle juice.

I had no idea athletes were drinking pickle juice to help avoid cramps, something I have to deal with all the time while training on my bike in the summer months.

Monday's show....pickle juice....right out of the jar or...

You can buy the stuff. Who knew?
I certainly did not.

Maybe from now on before I hit the road for a ride I'll just take a slug of pickle juice from a jar in the fridge.

It seems like there is always at least one jar in there anyway, and I end up throwing away the juice once the pickles are gone.

Now I have a 'use for the juice'.

But I can not imagine adding pickle juice to the water bottles I carry on a ride. They must be able to just put the pickle juice into some form of pill, right?!

As for what's old is new again...
It's no secret that I cut my radio teeth listening to the LOOP AM 1000 in Chicago in the late 80's. Back in the day Johnny B. in the morning, Steve & Garry in the afternoon with Kev sandwiched in the middle...well...that was in my opinion the greatest radio lineup ever. Ever.

Times were Johnny and Garry would be making fun of the old farts over on WGN, so I find it very bizarre to hear them together on that very station here in 2011.

Garry has been doing afternoon-drive talk for a few years now after being off the air way too long in my opinion. Now GN has added Johnny B. to do the morning show.

I'm not the only one that finds it all sort of odd....even they do.
Listen to Garry's podcast of the two of them talking about it.

What's old is new again I guess.
I wonder if the Fond du Lac boy Brandmeier will be bringing back some of the old classics?
I think my signature 'Later' at the end of every PhilCast was something that Johnny first put in my head because he used to say that back in the day.

I can still remember going to Poplar Creek to see a "Johnny & the Leisure Suits" concert. They were collecting Snausages at the entrances for local animal shelters. Yup, I brought mine and sang along with the "Ya Hey Dare Polka."

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