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"Mayoral Mayhem"

Friday, Feb, 5 2016

posted by: Phil Cianciola 1 day ago Comment On This Post

PhilCast show announcement Thursday

Thursday, Feb, 4 2016

Be listening right at the start of the show on Thursday, when I will be making an announcement about an up-coming special show.

That's all I can say for now, but it all goes public Thursday right after the 3:00 news.

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Week 4; Did you gain more?

Wednesday, Feb, 3 2016

It's Week 4 of "Weigh-In Wednesday" on the PhilCast.

Please email me your reports, be they good, bad or indifferent.
Include what changed this week....your overall number since starting....and any notes about the week that was.

We open the Wednesday show with our reports.

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Snowy Groundhog

Tuesday, Feb, 2 2016

Yes, it's the one day of the year that people chant the name "Phil".

Sounds good, but it's not me they're chanting for, it's that overgrown rodent in PA, awakened from a perfectly-good winter nap by idiots in top hats pretending that this thing can predict the weather.

For what it's worth, that ground hog is wrong 61% of the time.
I wonder how that stacks up to Luke Sampe's record?

Anyway, this year it's all about a snowstorm on this day, not a shadow.

Just to be safe, we've made plans for me to broadcast live from my home PhilCast studio today.

I always hate when those TV reporters are out in the storm doing a live shot telling you not to go out on the road, and yet there they are out there. Duh.

So not knowing how bad it might or might not be by the time I'd have to drive home after the PhilCast I figured why not play it safe?

It's 2016. We have the technology so why not use it?

One thing is for sure, my chair here is a lot more comfortable than in the radio station's studio.

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"Where In The World Was Phil Over The Weekend?"

Sunday, Jan, 31 2016

I actually have TWO pictures from two different stops for you to guess from.
Here is one of them...BBQ ribs.

Go to the PhilCast Facebook fan page to post your guesses, then listen to the start of the show on Monday during my "HowzYer Weekend?" segment for the stories behind the answers.

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Be listening right at the start of the show on Thursday, when I will be making an announcement about an…
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