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Cowboy boot sandals

Thursday, Jun, 18 2015

So this is bizarre.

On Thursday I've got the story of a company that is now making redneck cowboy boot sandals.

Wal-Mart here I come.

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Wednesday, Jun, 17 2015

Bear plays tetherball with bird feeder video

Today another story about bears moving in on us. This time it's Iowa, but there is a Wisconsin connection. I'll have the scoop on the Wednesday PhilCast.

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Spaghetti eating

Tuesday, Jun, 16 2015

This is one of the photos that was included in the 1942 Life Magazine article about how to properly eat spaghetti.

Now, THIS Italian guy was very interested in what the magazine thought was the 'right' way to eat pasta.

I'll go over the article and discuss pasta technique as part of the Tuesday PhilCast.

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Deep Fried Starbucks

Monday, Jun, 15 2015

Deep-fried Starbucks coffee.

This is the latest to come from a county fair.

But to be fair, aren't they really just doughnut holes with coffee flavor?

I've got the story as part of the Monday PhilCast.

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The Dausage

Thursday, Jun, 11 2015

They say there's a first time for everything...

There it is--The Dausage

This may very well be the first time ever that I actually LIKE the idea of combining a couple of foods.

Guy put jelly in a sausage and calls it a dausage...donut/sausage.

I think it's a bit misleading because the only thing donut about this is the filling.

I like it because I already combine breakfast sausage with grape jelly toast when we occasionally make a Sunday breakfast.

I can't believe it, but I'm finally behind one of these custom-made food gimmick deals!

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