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No more DL in your wallet?

Friday, Aug, 28 2015

That's right, YOU take your OWN driver's license picture. Imagine that.

No more DL in your wallet.

In Iowa they are testing an app that puts all that info on your phone. Plus, it even updates automatically as needed.

Is this technology something Wisconsin officials are ready to try? Would you like this switch?

We'll discuss as one of my stories on the Friday PhilCast.

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Santa and the tortoise

Thursday, Aug, 27 2015

I'm still a bit confused as to how these two go together.
But they least when it comes to one of the stories I have ready to go on the Thursday PhilCast.

Ummm, not so sure.

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WARNING: This is the world we live in

Wednesday, Aug, 26 2015

This is NOT a very happy birthday for me thus far today.
Here I sit working at a job I love to do, the PhilCast, yet angered on so many levels by the news of the morning.

A fatal shooting in Virginia.
As of this writing, a TV reporter and her photographer shot dead while they were doing a live report for a local TV news morning show there.

One minute she's doing an interview about something going on in the community....the next....

Of course this all happened LIVE on TV, so we actually see the crime being committed.

I have seen people I know tweeting the fact that the video is out there, hoping people will not post it out of respect for the victims.

I respectfully disagree.
Watch it. Feel it. Know it.
That's the world we live in, not a social media world in which we write 'thoughts and prayers' and then get on with the business of our day.

This is real.
This is the link. Click here. Warning; This is real. This is ugly. This is where this country is right now, with too many people capable of doing what this gunman did this morning.

And beyond that, what also troubles me is the comments posted.
As of this writing they are all still posted at the link.

I hope and pray that the people writing some of that stuff are a minority, and that in the end good and kind overcomes.

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Classic Uecker on Tuesday's PhilCast

Tuesday, Aug, 25 2015

In the 4:40-ish segment of the PhilCast on Tuesday you'll hear some classic Bob Uecker going one-on-one with me about, of all things, stirrups and baseball players.

Why stirrups?
Turns out there is an entire movement out there that, like me, misses the old-school look of baseball uniforms with stirrups.

Leave it to Bob to be able to tell me all about baseball socks.

He did....and it's funny.

Of course.

Speaking of stirrups, THIS is how a baseball player should look!

Happy birthday today to former Brewer Rollie Fingers who turns 69 today.

I don't know what looks more magnificent, his stirrups or his stash?

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Oh crap Jordy...

Monday, Aug, 24 2015

Oh boy....

My take on a couple of things regarding the Jordy Nelson injury on Sunday.

Full Disclosure: As you know, I have had a major Man-Crush on good 'ole #87 for some time now, by far my favorite Green Bay Packer.

1) In know, I know, one player doesn't make a team. The Packers are more than Jordy Nelson. Yes, they'll still be a good team without his services this season. But to that I say boo-hoo. The fact is that any team that wants to make it to the Super Bowl needs every weapon it can get on deck and fighting. This is a major piece of the puzzle taken away. So I don't think the Packers come anywhere near the force they were going to be with him playing.

2) I hate pre-season football. I also fail to see the need for four games. It's too much. I do think there is a place for these games, but I have an idea to revamp the system. I'll go over the details of my plan on the PhilCast....first thing Monday.

Heal fast Jordy.
This ain't the same team without you.

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