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Is your job 'dying'?

Wednesday, Jul, 15 2015

On the Wednesday PhilCast I'll go over a new list of the "Dirty Dozen" jobs that a survey shows are dying on the vine.

In other words, as time marches on these jobs will be become more and more obsolete.

(Think phone booth repair man)

Top one on the list?

Take a look at the picture for a hint!

And I must admit, I have my doubts about some of the jobs on this list.

Yes, one hits a little close to home.

We'll discuss.

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Hornets nest

Tuesday, Jul, 14 2015

Who knew such a small hole in an outside wall would cause such a big problem?

Lots of them.

Last week I saw a few of the pests crawling in and out of this hole at the bottom of an outside wall of our sunroom.

No big deal, right?

Go to the hardware store and buy some hornet spray, wait until dusk and then blast the suckers.

It didn't quite work out that way.

I blasted them, but not many came out. Then, while investigating the situation, I swore I could hear a constant high-pitched buzzing.
When I bent down to listen inside the room, putting my ear against the wall I could hear them. BAM....must be hundreds of them in there.

It appears the hornets have built a nest inside my wall.

Doing some research on-line it seems it could cost hundreds of dollars to have a professional come out and bust into the wall to get rid of them. Of course then you have to have the wall put back together too.


You can wait it out until the fall when it gets cold and they'll die. Then you can seal up the hole and hope for the best next summer.

Since they can't get into the room I'm waiting....for now.
But it's creepy when after every time you spray something in there your wall comes alive with the sound of buzzing hornets inside.

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"Counting Cars"

Monday, Jul, 13 2015

One of the fun things I did over my extended weekend at the Iola Old Car Show was meet Ryan Evans from the History Channel's "Counting Cars" show.

The Vegas-based car flipping show is one of many I enjoy watching.

Nice guy, and he talks about a couple of things regarding the show, including what the star, "The Count" Danny from Count's Kustoms in Vegas is like to work with.

Plus, Ryan's favorite all-time vehicle.

Hear the interview on the Monday PhilCast show.

One more picture from the car show, and that would be the 1963 Corvair in PhilCast blue that caught my eye in the car coral, where everything parked is for for sale.

In the end reality set in, and the fact that I have no place to store the car (and that I know very little about them) won out and I did NOT pull the trigger on this one.
The hunt continues.

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Iola time!

Friday, Jul, 10 2015

PhilCast Classic Clips on the Friday show.

It's time to spend my day drooling over classic cars at the Iola Old Car Show.

I will be tweeting some pictures of some of my favorite cars from the grounds Friday afternoon.

Twitter feed link, CLICK HERE

Back at it behind the microphone on Monday.

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Mr. Bonz

Thursday, Jul, 9 2015

Imagine driving down College Ave. and as you pull up to a stop sign you see THIS guy at the wheel of the car next to you...

It's happening in Louisville, and for the most part people are loving it.

I'll have the story of the one they call "Mr. Bonz" as part of the Thursday PhilCast.

Lips LaBelle at 4:30-ish to shoot the breeze and give up the Hollywood news and gossip as well.

And say hello to my little friend "Z-Bart", as Zak the associate producer of the show fills in for Reggie.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 12 month(s) ago Comment On This Post

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