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Does the car fit?

Wednesday, Jun, 10 2015

If your garage looks a little like this one, you're not alone.

Garages in this country have become more like collection areas for our 'junk' than parking spaces for our vehicles.

Today on the PhilCast we'll talk a little "Garage Talk" about a survey on just how many of us can't even fit a car into the garage.

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Hot dog crust

Tuesday, Jun, 9 2015

There it is....Coming this week to Pizza Hut, the pizza with hot dogs in the crust.

Why can't we just leave well enough alone?

Hot Dogs=great

We don't need to put them together and insult my heritage by calling that mess a pizza.

And that's my 'Fox Cities View Point'

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Great Grillers

Monday, Jun, 8 2015

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the weather turned out to be on Sunday afternoon, just in time for my appearance as a judge for the Cheese Fest grilling contest.

All the food they prepared was so very tasty. It was so difficult to judge that we started giving a half point, meaning you could score not only 1-5 in several categories, but a .5 could be added.

It was close.

But most important of all, it was GOOD.

Thanks for having me as a judge!
And check out the photo page on this site for more pictures.

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Gaining 'Momentum'

Friday, Jun, 5 2015

Well there she is....

That's the 'Momentum' by Giant bike I have been telling you about on the PhilCast, now available at Gear 'n Up in Neenah.

I had a chance to take this bad boy on a little test ride the other day.

It really is a rather interesting concept for a bike, like nothing I have ridden before.

It has a cool, beach cruiser look to it, built to be the perfect ride for bombing around town.

Yet it performs like a really nice hybrid bike at the same time.

Nice rack on the back....great looking and feeling saddle...kickstand is there....old-school chain guard...a bell...and even a water bottle holder built into the frame!

Giant thought of everything for the commuter on this one.

A twist of the grip on the handle bar easily shifts you to any of the seven speeds the 'Momentum' provides you.

Looks great. Rides great. And comfy too.

Take it for a test ride yourself at Gear 'n Up.

CLICK HERE to get to their web site.

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Finally they got it right

Thursday, Jun, 4 2015

As it turns out I've gotten what I wanted all along when it comes to the downtown Appleton parking meters.

The council has finally agreed to change the enforcement hours to end at 6:00 p.m. rather than 9:00 p.m.

Good job.

Next up...
Lets get rid of the antiquated quarter-eating machines all together next and come up with a more user-friendly, 2015 option for paying for parking.

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