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Terrible Tracks

Thursday, Apr, 9 2015

Time to blow the whistle on those terrible tracks, railroad crossings so rough that they jar your fillings loose when you drive across them.

This can't be good for our vehicles.

I suppose most of us have one or two crossings that we dread having to bounce over in our daily routines.

I know I have one that someone should be arrested for it's so bad.

Who's responsible and how do they get away with letting these things get so out of hand?

What can we do?
Who do we complain to about this?

I'll open the PhilCast on Thursday revealing my most horrible railroad crossing in the area and I'll be talking to someone from that city to give us all the scoop on how we get these kidney-busters fixed.

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Chainsaw road rage

Wednesday, Apr, 8 2015

There he is....

Caught on phone video threatening a woman and child in her car in a fit of road rage with a revving chainsaw.

CLICK HERE for more on this mornon who has entered a 'not guilty' plea, which is interesting to me since, well, there's this picture from the video of him doing it!

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PhilCast Fail of the Day-or is it?

Tuesday, Apr, 7 2015

For Opening Day in Major League baseball Monday, Hostess tweeted this photo.

Cute, right?
A cupcake that looks like a baseball.
Perfect for Opening Day.

Until you get to the caption.

Um, wrong sport, sport.

People rampaged on Hostess for the goof on Twitter.

Hostess answered by saying they did it on purpose to generate interest. know, maybe they did because it works for them either way.

I want a baseball cupcake now.

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The people you meet

Saturday, Apr, 4 2015

Every once in a while I get to take my show on the road for a special live broadcast. And one of the best things about making the effort (and trust me, it IS a team effort to make it all happen) is meeting some of the listeners who make it a point to stop to say hello.

Such was the case at the OSI broadcast on Good Friday.

As they got everything ready for their 5th-annual fun run, we were there live on the radio with them right up until the end of the show when the event was started by me live on WHBY.

That's race director Courtney there with her super hero tights, the theme of the event.

The people you meet at a live show...

--There was the guy who told me he was wearing his Aaron Rodgers jersey to the run because he was told there was a super hero theme.

--There was the mom who underwent spine surgery at OSI and was now back to her normal self and ready to race.

--There was her adorable daughter, Easter basket in hand, interviewed on the show. You can never go wrong with the sound of cute little girl on the radio.

--There was the cyclist who told me about a bike route I can take and his upcoming event this June.

--There was the guy who came out to sing on the air for the Wisconsin Badgers' pillow I gave away.

--And then there's always the person that shyly approaches the broadcast area to simply say something like, "Hi Phil, I just wanted to meet you in person. I listen all the time."

Thanks to all of you for that.

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Friday, Apr, 3 2015

The PhilCast will be on the road for the Friday show, live from The Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley in Appleton.

In fact, I'll be starting the run/walk live on the air right at the end of the show today...should be chaotic and fun at the same time if we can pull this off.

I'm not sure if they're giving me the starter's gun or not.

Either way, the plan is to give the command to start LIVE on the PhilCast at 5:58...or would that be 5:58-ish? We'll see.

Meantime, we'll have Mary Rhode out there with us for "Chadoin' This Weekend?" and Pippa in the flesh for her "ReciPIPPA the Week" as well.

I've got that Wisconsin Badgers' buckwheat pillow to give to the first listener who cranks out a little "On Wisconsin" fight song live on the air for us.

For more info about the run/walk, CLICK HERE....and drop out to say hi even if you're not taking part in the event.

Also, Reggie the executive producer will be taking some pictures and live-tweeting them from the broadcast. CLICK HERE to follow me on Twitter to see those.

Happy Easter.

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