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Dishwasher Safe

Monday, Apr, 20 2015

"Dishwasher Safe" usually refers to dishes that can go into your dishwasher.

In this case, I have a list of some things I'll be going over on the Monday PhilCast that are anything but dishes, but can still be cleaned in your dishwasher.

My question is, WHY?

For instance...why would you wash shoes in your dishwasher? Because you can do that as it turns out.

Better yet, how about your computer keyboard....yup....dishwasher safe.

We'll discuss.

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Fish Fry Friday

Friday, Apr, 17 2015

The PhilCast closes shop for the week a half-hour early Friday for Brewers' baseball on HBY.

But we'll still be doing all the fish fry Friday features, including having a special guest joining us for the "Chadoin' This Weekend?" segment at 4:30-ish today.

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Baseball Lips

Thursday, Apr, 16 2015

That's the descripton of the Thursday PhilCast.

Afternoon Brewers' baseball on WHBY should end at 4:00-ish and then the PhilCast takes to the airwaves.
Lips LaBelle with Hollywood news and gossip joins me right after the 4:30 news for our weekly chat.

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"Mustang Gail"

Wednesday, Apr, 15 2015

Forget about "Mustang Sally"...great song and all, but today I'll have "Mustang Gail" on the PhilCast with me to open the show.

50 years ago today the very first Mustang was sold in this country, and Gail Wise bought it down in Chicago.

She and her husband Tom still have that car today!

It's an amazing piece of auto history.

They'll both be on with me to talk about how the car was actually sold to Gail before anyone in the country had even seen the new vehicle. It wasn't even supposed to be in the showrooms yet when Gail drove it home that day 50 years ago.

It's a pretty incredible story, and I'm really looking forward to our chat today at 3:10.

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Lawn Mower Blues

Tuesday, Apr, 14 2015

The start of the Tuesday PhilCast will sound a little like a "HowzYer Weekend" Monday show, since the Brewers' game took out the Monday PhilCast.

I'll re-visit a few stories from my weekend, including issues with my mower, which is where I need some help from listeners now.

The snow blower was run dry of fuel and tucked into the corner of my garage on Saturday.

Put as I pulled the mower into place I thought I would fuel it up and start it.

No fuel pressure as I primed the pump.
No fuel getting to the carb. Dry as a bone.

Now I have a mower that won't mow when I need it, which will probably be sooner than later.

Anyone got 'a guy' they can recommend who tinkers with these things and makes mowers right? Open to suggestions.

Email me. Thanks.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 13 month(s) ago Comment On This Post

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