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Tuesday, May, 10 2016

What ever happened to the talking frogs?
That was my favorite Bud beer commercial.

Now they want to change their name.
Here's the label they want to go with...


No, really.
This is a thing....and it goes beyond this as well.

Bud is just full of flag-thumping coming this summer.

It's one of the things I'll be talking about on the Tuesday show.

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"The Garden"

Monday, May, 9 2016

I wanted to share a little local gem we visited over the weekend, some friendly customer service, and a learning experience about a food I never knew about before.

The place?
"The Garden", a part green house, part garden, part produce, part locally-sourced food delivery small business in Neenah.

The food?
Who knew?
I didn't.

This is what they look like fresh from the ground, sort of like a scallion I guess.

We bought a few geraniums and while checking out, the guy behind the counter asked if we'd like to try some ramps.

Some what?


He gave a bag full and explained how he likes to cook them, using every bit of the plant you see except for the roots.

Then he also threw in a near-perfect-looking yellow tomato the size of my fist.

Sunday night we made use of everything he gave us, including following his recipe for preparing the ramps in olive oil, which of course in our house came from "The Olive Cellar."

Bang on.

The season for ramps is short. Check them out as the finished product with the burgers we made.

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Whopper Dog

Friday, May, 6 2016

Burger King recently added dogs to it's menu.

Now the latest twist, the "Whopper Dog", which at first blush might have sounded like a Whopper and a hot dog combo sandwich.

But no, it's just the Whopper treatment given to a hot dog.

Not available yet here in Wisconsin, but soon perhaps if you would be interested.

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Cinco de Mayo baby watch

Thursday, May, 5 2016

We'll have a baby report regarding the latest on Reggie the Executive Producer's adventures in childbirth today on the PhilCast.

Cinco baby or?

Also, it's the return of my chat with Lips LaBelle after a month away due to his vacation, my vacation, Brewers' games....we're finally back with Hollywood news and gossip.

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Top gadget of all time

Wednesday, May, 4 2016

"Time" magazine is out with a list of what it calls the top gadgets of all time.

All time is a pretty big category.

And the king of the hill is not surprisingly, the iPhone.

But it's the OTHER stuff on the list that interested me more, and brought back memories of the days when you couldn't live without the stuff.

One of my favorites of course, is the transistor radio.

I have my very first one still displayed in my personal collection of old radios.

It's the only one in my collection that is NOT a Philco brand.

They changed how we listened to radio, an industry that I have a little bit of a connection to over the past four decades!

The transistor radio came in 7th on the list of the all time greatest gadgets.

And while working in radio all those years, I remember writing on one of THESE as well....also on the list that I will talk about on the PhilCast Wednesday.

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