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Busted water pipes

Wednesday, Jan, 14 2015

Yes it's true I've been dealing with a long-distance mess since a disastrous water pipe incident at PhilCast SW last week when two water line pipes on the second floor burst due to the cold.
Why now when they made it through all of last winter is beyond me.

So now while my house is being ripped up and dried out I tell myself it could be worse. What if our neighborhood friend hadn't checked on the house and the water just kept coming?

Well, then you'd get THIS:

This house is in Detroit and I guess there were no neighbors noticing any issues after the water pipes froze and burst.

So I'm messed up, but not messed up to THAT extent!

That's gonna be a big water bill too.

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Bus-riding dog

Tuesday, Jan, 13 2015

I love it.

There he is...Eclipse, the bus-riding black lab in Seattle.

I'll have the story on the Tuesday Eclipse jumps on board and rides to the dog park by himself if his owner gets delayed at the bus stop.

Other riders love it too.
Not one has barked about it.

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New York Bozo

Monday, Jan, 12 2015

It should be an awesome Pack Yak today with Rich Ratay to open up the Monday PhilCast.
I've got some good audio to share.
And I continue to be fascinated with New York Bozo!
My theory?


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Globes time

Friday, Jan, 9 2015

Face's not an easy assignment hosting a big-time TV awards show.

I this day and age when everyone and his uncle are snarky comedian wannabe's on-line, you really can't seem to win.

Yet I feel the Golden Globes has gotten it right with these two.

I will be watching the first of the big award shows on Sunday night, and in part because Tina and Amy are hosting.

They're funny...especially together.

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New police chief on PhilCast

Thursday, Jan, 8 2015

Appleton's new police chief, Todd Thomas stops by the PhilCast studio this afternoon to chat right after the 3:30 news...

Among the questions I have for him....

--Was North Korea really behind the Sony hack attack?

--How low will gas prices really go?

--Any social value at all to twerking?

--Does Darboy really exist?

--Will the Appleton farmer's market be expanded to eight days a week?

--Do they give you more than one chief badge?

--Would you support banning all parking meter time in Appleton after 6:00 p.m.?

--Should the Redskins change their name?

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