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Hello 2012

Sunday, Jan, 1 2012

I gotta think that if indeed somehow down the road called my life that if I murdered someone and was sentenced to death, the last meal that I would order before I'm walked to the 'big squirt' would be what we prepared for our last meal of 2011 at home on New Year's Eve.

Sandy and I whipped up a dandy. I can't remember the last time I felt that full and satisfied with a meal.

Sicilian shrimp was the headliner. You peel them, butterfly them, dredge them in egg and coat with Italian bread crumbs. They're then drizzled with a sauce made up of melted butter and cooking cherry. 

As the shrimp bakes you prepare some angel hair pasta, then toss it into a frying pan where olive oil, garlic and scallions are waiting to soak into the pasta.   

On the side was a fantastic from-scratch Italian salad, the ingredients so fresh that the entire kitchen smelled of a vegetable garden as Sandy whipped up her grandmother's recipe from Palermo.

A fresh loaf of Italian bread with butter completed the perfect meal.

And there was dessert too, a chocolate cannoli the size of Maine was washed down with the last of the bottle of champagne we had opened for the occasion.

I haven't eaten anything since. When I do, no matter what my next meal is it will only be a letdown from last night. The ultimate.

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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Saturday, Dec, 31 2011

It's the last day of 2011 so it seems only fitting that I write a quick blog that both looks back and forward to the new year.

I have always been one to focus forward and not spend much time looking back. Been there, done that as the saying goes. The future is much more interesting to ponder.

I expect 2012 to be a big year, being the first full year of the PhilCast show on the air on NewsTalk 1150 WHBY. We started in October and in three short months have helped the station to a #1 spot in the ratings. The station has a very talented pool of professionals who have made me feel right at home there. And I've been blessed to have been teamed up with a very hard-working and talented producer in Reggie, who has already become a friend and not just a co-worker.

On my PhilCast 2012 'bucket list' is another listener trip. Our adventure to Ireland was so much fun. Just ask anyone who came along. We know how to do it right, and I look forward to putting some sort of a listener trip together in the new year.

2012 will be a year of big change as well. By this time next year I hope to be writing a blog from my new home office in my new house located in my new home city, Appleton. Moving is never fun, let alone selling and buying in this housing market, so I'll be happy when we can finally settle in. The time I have spent in Appleton these past three months has been great, mostly due to the fact that people are so friendly and welcoming. I can tell there is a lot of pride in the area when I talk to long-time residents...and I can see why.

So to close out the old and bring in the new I'd just like to once again thank WHBY management, including PD Dave Edwards and GM Greg Bell for believing in the PhilCast and thank those of you who listen and make the show a part of your day. That relationship is what I believe radio is all about.

Happy New Year!

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The PFL returns!

Thursday, Dec, 29 2011

It's back.
For the second year in a row we're doing our own little version of a fantasy football league for dummies.

It's the PhilCast Fantasy Football League. The PFL is on!

For the run of the NFL playoffs we'll name our teams, pick our players, watch our stats and cheer for the Packers along the way.

It's easy, and you don't really have to know a thing about football to play along.

The winner will get his or her own custom-made PFL Champion sweatshirt and some other goodies from the PhilCast prize closet as well.

PhilCast Family member "Jordan the Chicago Cheesehead" will once again act as the PFL commissioner, and he's already got our official web site all set up. Just click here to check it out.

After this weekend's final regular-season games Jordan will have photos of all the players you can select posted at the site. All the rules are there for you and it's pretty simple.

But first things first.

Sign up now because we are limiting the number of teams that can participate. Just come up with a good name for your team and watch how it all plays out as the Packers march to the Super Bowl for a second straight year!

Good luck and have fun. At the very least gun for me and my team, "Phil & the Blanks".


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In a pickle

Wednesday, Dec, 28 2011

So the legend of the pickle in the Christmas tree continues on the PhilCast. More of you have chimed in via e-mail regarding the German tradition (or is it?) of hiding a pickle ornament in the tree.

So I've whipped up a special pickle open for the Wednesday show I think you'll like. I do. Then we'll discuss.

Also on the Wednesday showgrum, a cruise of a different kind. Nope, we're not talking somewhere tropical on a ship. We're talking Sheboygan. You read right. Check it out on the Wed. show.

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A "No-Show"

Monday, Dec, 26 2011

No PhilCast show on Monday, but we'll be back with Pack Yak on Tuesday of this week.

Meantime, for those of you just creepin' around the net today relaxing, some random thoughts in a fresh blog here to start the final week of the year:

--I hope the Packers play their starters for about a quarter and that's all this Sunday against the Lions in what has turned out to be a meaningless game. I feel bad for the people who have tickets and paid to see a 'real' game, but if you are a true Packers' fan you realize it's all about winning the Super Bowl.

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?

--I've gotta admit it was fantastic leaving a family Christmas gathering after the game Sunday night and not having to scrape ice off a car and slip and slide down a driveway. I love this no-snow December.

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?

--Milwaukee media writer for the J/S did a nice 2011 recap column in the paper Monday. I teased him on Twitter for forgetting to include something in his Oct. know...a little love perhaps on a certain veteran broadcaster taking the PhilCast to the airwaves at WHBY?! (he DID later re-tweet me on that)

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?

--Driving home on Christmas night I encountered the goofiest thing I've seen in road design in some time. I'll talk about it on the Tuesday show.

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?

--For those of you who asked, yes, I DID get not only one but TWO pairs of sweat pants with pockets in them for Christmas.

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?

--Memo to me: Buy my own Packet helmet dip/chip set in 2012

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?

--Already looking forward to an annual tradition in our house-watching the Kennedy Center Honors show on TV (Tues. night) while munching on Sandy's homemade popcorn.

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?

--We WILL be running the 2nd-Annual PhilCast Fantasy Football League again during the playoffs. Details to be announced on the show soon. "Jordan the Chicago Cheesehead" will once again act as commissioner of the playoff league. And there WILL be prizes kids!

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?

--Heading off to Hartford for a Christmas meal with my sister and her family today. Couldn't do it Christmas eve because my nephew had to work at Wal-Mart in Oshkosh until 9:00 that night. Shame on them.

--Why do my pants fit so snug all of the sudden?


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