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I've Got Her Number

Monday, Jan, 16 2012

I refuse to be totally brought down by the Packers' horrible performance on Sunday. I'll mark my weekend with a victory by Miss Wisconsin, the new Miss America. 

 But will Laura call us back now that she has obviously gotten the "PhilCast Bump" to victory?

I'll play back the win as it happened in my living room on the show today.

We'll see if she calls us this week.

Congrats to her for sure. You did us proud this weekend, which is much more than I can say for the beloved Green Bay Packers.

Now, I've got a theory about what went wrong in that game and I will share that and plenty of other stuff on Pack Yak today with Rich Ratay, the final Yak of the season.

It wasn't supposed to end this way of course, but that's the thing about the takes so darned much luck to actually win it all...which is why you really have to savor it when it happens.

Thanks to Pack Yak sponsor Insta Print Plus in Appleton. We appreciate your support and look forward to doing it again next season.
Meantime, for all your printing needs, please do support them for supporting the PhilCast.


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"The Clock"

Friday, Jan, 13 2012

Welcome to Friday the 13th, a day that has always been lucky for me. If you haven't heard me tell the story before I'll be telling it again on the Friday showgrum. This dates back to when I was 16 years old, and that's a hint.

But even today my luck is running high.

There is quite a story behind this old clock of mine...

I'll explain it all on the show and you're welcome to call in and share your similar stories...the topic?

Things you own that have lasted forever.

For me this was/is one of them. What happened? How did it all play out? I'll have the story and we'll chat Friday afternoon on the PhilCast.

Don't forget to go to and "Like" us at our Facebook page because we could be talking about you this afternoon on the PhilCast Friday Facebook Friend of the Week feature. (and you win something too!)

And the other news today is that Miss Wisconsin finally got back to me from out in Vegas where she hopes to become the next Miss America on Saturday night. 
I guess the rather dramatic voice mail I left on her cell phone Thursday got to her. 

Turns out she...oh wait...I want you to still actually LISTEN to the show!

Check it out on the Friday the 13th PhilCast show.


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Thursday, Jan, 12 2012

I'm so glad it's FINALLY snowing around here.
I was really sick and tired of not having to put boots on every time I walk out the door.
I was really sick and tired of not having to strap on three or four layers just to take the dog outside every night.
I was really sick and tired of not worrying about driving conditions at all so far this winter.

I was also really sick and tired of not slip-sliding away down my driveway as I dodge snow ruts and patches of ice.
I was really sick and tired of not shoveling.
I was really sick and tired of missing those gross ice/snow/slush globs hanging from the wheel wells of my car.
I was really getting sick and tired of actually being able to see what color my car is because of a lack of salt dust.

I was sick and tired of not watching a plow driver grin as he fills up the approach to my driveway.
I was sick and tired of not being able to feel the stinging blowing snow affix itself to my face.

Yeah, I was really sick and tired of it not looking like winter around here. I'm so happy it's all back at last.

(Don't miss the start of the PhilCast show today. And if you do, catch the production on the podcast version.)

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da "Buzzer"

Wednesday, Jan, 11 2012

Coming up on the "Weigh-In Wednesday" PhilCast today...

Maureen Wallenfang of the Post-Cresent will be in the studio to talk about what's up in Appleton.

Feel free to join our chat via the Red Ox PhilPhone...

or toll-free at

She'll be joining me for a PhilCast "What's the Buzz" segment today right after the 4:30 news.

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NYPD (too) Blue?

Tuesday, Jan, 10 2012

Today on the PhilCast one of the stories I'll be covering is about the Supreme Court taking up the case of how the government still regulates 'swear words' and 'naughty stuff' on prime-time, over-the-air TV.

Part of the springboard to all this kicks back to an episode of the old detective show NYPD Blue, one in which a naked butt was full moon on the full screen. Unheard of stuff at the time!

Now I recall that the cutting-edge show once did show the cranky Det. Sipowitz's butt, BUT it was actually a scene with actress Kim Delaney that is at issue here.

Remember she played Det. Diane Russell on that show?

One word: HOT!

That was a great show. I never missed it. And just working on this story for the PhilCast today brought back all kinds of memories from that show.

I'm not sure there is anything like it on TV now, although I admit I don't watch much any longer.

Gist of what the court has to decide here is whether or not the government should continue to have the right to sensor in prime-time when there is already so much 'naughty' stuff on cable and elsewhere in plain view all the time.

My take....coming up on the show today.

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