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I BEARly believe this one

Friday, Aug, 14 2015

On the Friday show, an "ArmBEARgeddon 2015" bear alert with a real twist.

This one is like no other I have talked about all summer long, as the summer of bears roars on.

Don't miss it....first hour of the show, right after the best part of the Packers' game last night and why I woke up on the couch this morning.

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Thanks Packers

Thursday, Aug, 13 2015

Well what do you know?
I finally got a ride in today, thanks in part to the Green Bay Packers.

How's that?

Read on at my riding blog: CLICK HERE

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"There She Is....Miss America"

Wednesday, Aug, 12 2015

There's Miss America news today...

New judges announced.
New viewer participation.

And that's our rep for the upcoming classic pageant coming up next month.

This is the 'real deal' one too, not the Donald Trump one!

I'll discuss on the show.

Meantime, you can go on Twitter or Facebook and vote for our girl because the winner of the social media portion of this dog and pony show gets a free pass into the "Final 15" bracket.

Good luck Miss Wis.

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Newspapers fading fast?

Tuesday, Aug, 11 2015

One of my topics of discussion on the Tuesday PhilCast will be a new survey about how we get our news these days.

Now, the leading source for news is on-line.
43% of people said they get most of their news from web sites.

That bumped TV down to second place, at 40%

Also significant is the fact that newspapers dropped to the lowest ranking they've seen yet.

The number isn't important. The placement IS.

Newspapers now rank below social media when it comes to where we go to find out the news, according to this Media Life magazine survey.

Oh, magazines?

A big hit...71% have seen declines in total circulation.

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Let 'em eat cake

Monday, Aug, 10 2015

Who IS this man and why is he on Grayson's birthday cake?

For that matter, who is Grayson you may be asking?


Grayson is a little boy who was celebrating a birthday.

That's NOT his dad on the cake.

It's one of the stories I'll have on the Monday PhilCast.

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