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Appleton Bike Shop joins PC Family!

Wednesday, Apr, 6 2016

I've been DYING to share the news that I've known about for several weeks now, as I began to get my road bikes in shape for another great riding season.

Please welcome to the PhilCast Family of advertisers my new friends at Appleton Bike Shop.

I'm very excited to be associated with Gwen and Joe at Appleton Bike Shop, now my exclusive stop for all things cycling.

What a fantastic shop.
And what great people!

Gwen and Joe are 4th generation at this stuff. This isn't just their business, this is family and passion for them.

I like that.

Heck, I've already entrusted my baby to Joe who has been wrenching on it in the shop. My Specialized Roubaix now rocks some brand new hardware...and does it ever ride nice.

Now she shifts smoother than a baby's bottom.

You'll be hearing me do some ads for the shop on the PhilCast, which will feature various bike and cycling specials that Appleton Bike Shop will be promoting for PhilCast Family members.

They're located in downtown Appleton at College and State, just around the corner from the Appleton Beer Factory.

Parking available right out front.

And they've got a good web site that is easy to use and also provides info on the community rides and cycling events that Gwen and Joe are very active with. Again, I like that. CLICK HERE to get to their site. Check it out. And even if you don't live in the Valley but listen via podcast or live stream somewhere else, go buy something at their site!

Like I always say, support those who support the show. That's how all this works.

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Ticket Talk

Tuesday, Apr, 5 2016

We've all been there.

You're driving on the freeway, and yes you're a little over the speed limit, when you see the law enforcement vehicle parked in the median.


Then begins the nervous dance of rear-view mirror watching, hoping he stays put as you ease up on the speed.

If you get pulled over, that does not mean you'll automatically get a ticket however.

Some officers themselves have talked about what you can (and should not) do once you are pulled over to increase your chances of just a warning rather than a ticket.

We'll discuss and I'll have what they said for you on the Tuesday PhilCast show.

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March Madness or Sadness?

Sunday, Apr, 3 2016

Monday it's Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers on WHBY, meaning the start of the PhilCast will be delayed until about 4:30 after the post-game show.

Once we begin, we'll crown this year's PhilCast Bracket Stupid-ness champion as the PhilCast version of March Madness comes to a close.

You can vote for our champion until 3:00-ish Monday afternoon.

As of this writing, Reggie the Executive Producer leads defending champion Erin Davisson.
Can she come back and repeat or will Reggie be cutting down the net (if we had one)?

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"Do it again. Do it again..."

Friday, Apr, 1 2016

Snow in the forecast over the weekend, and that's no April Fool's Day joke.

There will be NO April Fool's jokes pulled by me on my show today. I never do them.

However, I WILL give you a link to a great one.

This is NOT a joke. This is a good link to a video that's sure to make you chuckle....good clean fun a family pulled on a dad. I love it.

CLICK HERE to see it.

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TV anchor fired

Thursday, Mar, 31 2016

This is Wendy Bell.

She is a TV news anchor who has a long list of big awards to her credit.

She has been a staple on a Pittsburgh station for a long time.

She was fired this week because of something she posted on Facebook.

I myself, being a long-time member of the media in Wisconsin, find these cases fascinating.

What did she write?
Did it merit getting fired and throwing her career upside down?

I'll tell you the story, then exchange my thoughts on it with our own long-time TV news anchor, Erin Davisson from Local 5 today in the first hour of the PhilCast.

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