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Turkey Talk

Tuesday, Nov, 24 2015

It's that time again....

The Tuesday PhilCast will be a celebration of all things that are my favorite holiday of the year...

It's the annual Thanksgiving show!

The first hour will feature all things food, from the cost of it to the cooking of it to the eating of it....lots of it.

The second hour will feature stories about shopping over the weekend, from the best deals days to safety tips as you are out and about this holiday weekend.

--The Butterball Call Bit

--The Dropped Dish Bit

--The Turkey Song

--Thanksgiving Show Opens
All coming up Tuesday.

I can almost smell the bird roasting.

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Holy Hoodie Batman!

Monday, Nov, 23 2015

Yes, I own one.
Yes, I'll be wearing it while broadcasting the Monday PhilCast.

There it is, the magical hoodie.

If you listen to me on a regular basis, you know I pick up on quirky little things rather quickly.

This green hoodie sticking out of James Jones' jersey was the first thing I noted on my yellow pad of paper while taking notes for "Pack Yak" on Monday.

Little did I know the hoodie would explode on social media, even picking up its own Twitter account.

I noted during the game that I was informed by Twitter that James Jones' Hoodie is now following me.
Such an honor.

...easy to have fun when the Packers win, right?
I'm just glad the runaway squirrel on the field wasn't the highlight of the game this week.
Rich Ratay and I will have plenty to cover in today's Yak.

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Kimberly Papermakers (3)

Saturday, Nov, 21 2015

Snow and all, this is a great picture that I had to lift from Twitter and post here.

That was one hell of a game Friday night.

I don't think I could have had a more Fox Valley experience than my Friday night watching the Papermakers making it three titles in a row.

There I was with the rest of the crowd at a local institution, Van Able's (my first time there) enjoying a traditional Friday night fish fry with a little Friday Night Lights on one of the several big-screens in the restaurant.

As we talked at our table with a couple of friends we were dining with I kept glancing up at a screen projecting the game in the dining room.

I could hardly believe the comeback I was watching while downing delicious fish and a Bloody Mary with string cheese crawling out of the top of the tall glass.

Now THAT's Wisconsin.

Arrowhead must have thought they had done enough. Tough loss for them. All players involved should be proud of a great season.

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My all-time favorite Thanksgiving photo

Friday, Nov, 20 2015

No caption needed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Black ISIS gold

Thursday, Nov, 19 2015

Follow the money.

ISIS oil, to the tune of $40 bucks a month funding them.

Who buys ISIS oil?

They've got oil...
They've got money.

They've got a magazine...
They've got a help line.


I'll discuss at the start of the Thursday PhilCast.

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