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Friday, Jan, 22 2016

Friday and that means, among other things, "Chadoin' This Weekend?" on the PhilCast at 4:30-ish. If you have plans you care to share or details of an event you'd like us to mention, go post them at the PhilCast Facebook fan page.

I'll tell you what I'll be doing for at least half the weekend and that's watching the NFL games for the little remaining time I can this season.

Championship Sunday;
Carolina hosts Arizona and Denver hosts New England.
The winners go to the Super Bowl.

By process of elimination I'll be pulling for the Cardinals as the lesser of four evils since the Packers are no longer a factor.

Carolina--Don't like Cam Newton and his showboating.
Denver--Hard to watch Manning at this point. Enough already. Retire.
New England--I mean, come on, really? The Cheatriots?

And that leaves Arizona, the team that knocked the Packers out of it.

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Happy Birthday, cha-ching

Thursday, Jan, 21 2016

You'll hear the Happy Birthday song played on the Thursday PhilCast, but it's not my birthday.

In fact, the reason for the song has nothing to do with any celebrity birthday either.

It's all about a story I have about the amount of money parents spend on birthday parties for their kids.

It's insane.

And the biggest reason parents do it according to this study?

To show off.

I don't even remember having any sort of big birthday party as a young Phil.

We'll discuss.

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What say you in Week 2?

Wednesday, Jan, 20 2016

How'd you do in Week 2?

It's "Weigh-In Wednesday" on the PhilCast today and we open the show with our reports.

Please remember to email me how you did.


No change?
What happened and why?

Plan of attack for Week 3?

We'll discuss and have some foodie talk at the start of the show today.

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Dog found near WHBY

Tuesday, Jan, 19 2016

Here is the dog that Joe at LU found near WHBY on Tuesday afternoon.

Good job getting the dog to come to now at Fox Valley Humane Assoc.

I hope we have a happy reunion soon.

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Creepy or Cool?

Tuesday, Jan, 19 2016

I'll have a story on the Tuesday PhilCast about Amazon's plans to go forward with drones delivering packages of under five pounds to your door.

There are now some rather interesting details about how they plan to pull this off, and yes, it's for real and not a publicity stunt they say.

I see all kinds of problems with this, biggest of which will be people shooting these things out of the sky to see what prize they've won....a.k.a. your delivery that never gets to you!

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