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Helping Wildlife

Tuesday, Jun, 7 2016

Here are some links that I promised on the Monday show while interviewing Rebecca from AVES in Neenah....about how to best help injured birds or wildlife...

CLICK HERE for their site.

CLICK HERE for that great app I talked about. Download this onto your phone for free, then should you run into an emergency where birds or wildlife are injured you will have information about helpful agencies at your fingertips.

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The Birds

Monday, Jun, 6 2016

On Monday's show I'll have the entire story of how the Sunday storm drama involving the rescue attempt of the baby birds, as seen on the PhilCast Facebook fan page.

What a Sunday evening, and how it leads to a call for a better system to help wildlife in need in the area.

Meantime, despite my over-the-top efforts in this case to save babies, I'm still getting attacked outside my own home.

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Chocolate Fest Saturday

Friday, Jun, 3 2016

Saturday from 1-3 I will be at Chocolate Fest in Hortonville as one of the celeb judges of the bake-off contest.

Stop over and say hi.

CLICK HERE for more event info.

Also, I plan on doing some live-stream coverage from the judging table Saturday afternoon.

If all goes according to plan I will live stream from the judge's table at 1:15-ish, and announce then when I'll have a couple more updates live from the scene of the chocolate judging.

To watch live, just go to the PhilCast Facebook Fan page by CLICKING HERE.

I know, tough, but someboy's gotta do it.

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Pro Bowl changes

Thursday, Jun, 2 2016

The menu for the Thursday PhilCast includes:

--Pro Bowl going back to NFC vs. AFC

--Grandpa picks up the wrong kid at school

--Kid calls 9-1-1 to report his dad ran a red light

--Wisconsin asks on Google; Is Mr. T dead?

--Lips LaBelle with Hollywood news and gossip

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Farm Fired

Wednesday, Jun, 1 2016

This one has me fired (pardon the pun) up today...

This poor guy was left on the outside without his gig as a long-time cartoonist because of one cartoon.

What was so horrible that it got him fired?

Well, that's what has me upset.

We discuss on the Wed. PhilCast after the Brewers' game.

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