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Thinking Out Loud

Monday, Feb, 9 2015

I watched a good portion of the Grammy Awards last night on CBS.

Granted, the show was so long I was able to watch Downton Abbey in the middle of it and still have plenty to see when I got back to the awards.

I saw and heard a lot of garbage, (I'm lookin' at YOU Kanye) but I was pleasantly surprised by at least one performance, so much so that I might even buy his CD.

Ed Sheeran performed his tune "Thinking Out Loud" with John Mayer on stage.

No gimmicks.
No half-naked dancers.
Just a band playing what I found to be a very good song on stage.

CLICK HERE to watch and listen to it.
Well done!

posted by: Phil Cianciola 21 days ago Comment On This Post

Fish to go

Friday, Feb, 6 2015

Maureen Wallenfang of the Post-Crescent, a.k.a. "The Buzzer" opens the Friday PhilCast with me talking, what else, fish fry.

Specifically, she did a column about what people thought was the best take out fry on a Friday.

I'll reveal my pick when we chat.

There are certainly several things that make up the perfect take-out, which isn't easy to find. In most cases it's better to hit it fresh and hot at the restaurant, but once in a while there's magic in that styrofoam container as you munch in the comfort of your own home.

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Old-man haircuts on kids

Wednesday, Feb, 4 2015

Just funny to me...
Old-guy haircuts on young kids.

This is happening at a barber shop in the Atlanta area.

So I guess as a parent you could threaten them with a haircut like this!

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"Weigh-In Wednesday" Week 4

Wednesday, Feb, 4 2015

How did you do?
CLICK HERE to post results, good, bad or indifferent from Week 4, then listen to the start of the show today.

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Tiara Terror

Tuesday, Feb, 3 2015

I've watched many a beauty pageant in my time but never seen anything this awesome!

CLICK HERE to see the video of a pageant gone wrong in Brazil, where someone was a sore loser and attacked the winner on stage!

posted by: Phil Cianciola 27 days ago Comment On This Post

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