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Gnome place for the gnome

Monday, Jul, 20 2015

Here's what all the fuss is about, a gnome mooning people.

(I can't help but think of that travel commercial on TV and what they could do with THIS guy in a new spot)

Anyway, the police were called because a neighbor said his children were 'disturbed' by this being next door.

By the way, one of the kids is a teenager. Seems like they're the ones 'disturbed' to me.

The story on the Monday PhilCast.

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Hot fun in the summertime

Friday, Jul, 17 2015

Hot & humid.

I LOVE it.

Summer is too short to complain about the heat.

This weekend is going to be hot and humid and jam-packed with area events taking place.

I wish the summer was longer and the weekends were more frequent se we could spread out some of these events. There's so much going on over two days that I would like to be able to attend more things.

We'll cover some of this stuff on the Friday show with "Chadoin' This Weekend?" at 4:30-ish.

Meantime, stay hydrated....and remember that beer does NOT count as staying hydrated!

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Shopping at Kohl's

Thursday, Jul, 16 2015

I guess Scott Walker would be proud.

I shopped for shirts on sale at Kohl's last night.

The thing is, it would have been nice to buy something made in the USA, but alas, I looked at the tags on the merchandise pulled from the famous sale racks....

Taiwan and Indonesia.

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Is your job 'dying'?

Wednesday, Jul, 15 2015

On the Wednesday PhilCast I'll go over a new list of the "Dirty Dozen" jobs that a survey shows are dying on the vine.

In other words, as time marches on these jobs will be become more and more obsolete.

(Think phone booth repair man)

Top one on the list?

Take a look at the picture for a hint!

And I must admit, I have my doubts about some of the jobs on this list.

Yes, one hits a little close to home.

We'll discuss.

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Hornets nest

Tuesday, Jul, 14 2015

Who knew such a small hole in an outside wall would cause such a big problem?

Lots of them.

Last week I saw a few of the pests crawling in and out of this hole at the bottom of an outside wall of our sunroom.

No big deal, right?

Go to the hardware store and buy some hornet spray, wait until dusk and then blast the suckers.

It didn't quite work out that way.

I blasted them, but not many came out. Then, while investigating the situation, I swore I could hear a constant high-pitched buzzing.
When I bent down to listen inside the room, putting my ear against the wall I could hear them. BAM....must be hundreds of them in there.

It appears the hornets have built a nest inside my wall.

Doing some research on-line it seems it could cost hundreds of dollars to have a professional come out and bust into the wall to get rid of them. Of course then you have to have the wall put back together too.


You can wait it out until the fall when it gets cold and they'll die. Then you can seal up the hole and hope for the best next summer.

Since they can't get into the room I'm waiting....for now.
But it's creepy when after every time you spray something in there your wall comes alive with the sound of buzzing hornets inside.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 7 month(s) ago Comment On This Post

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