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Movember is here

Monday, Nov, 3 2014

The month of Movember is here and I'm a MoBro this year.

We'll see how long I last, but I predict I don't make it past this week.

CLICK HERE to watch the facial hair for a cause.

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Halloween tradition

Thursday, Oct, 30 2014

Happy Halloween Weekend...

Since I have the day off Friday to freeze while handing out candy to kids, the Thursday PhilCast will be Halloween heavy.

Now, this includes a long-standing tradition of playing the old AFN Frankenstein's Castle bit.

There's just something about hearing it on the radio like it was done originally that makes it special.

The bit will play as the end of the PhilCast be listening by around 5:45-ish.

Happy Halloween.

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"Yes or BS"

Wednesday, Oct, 29 2014

Coming up on the Wednesday PhilCast show....

We'll play the "Yes or BS" game in the first hour.

One lucky caller will play AND WIN regardless of how many he or she gets right!

And this picture here will be a helpful hint to that player today.

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That's no pizza!

Tuesday, Oct, 28 2014

They call that a pizza?
As an Italian-American I call that a hot mess....insulting to my people to even call that 'pizza' Papa.
It's one of the stories I'll have on the Tuesday PhilCast.

And here is a picture of the "Sexy Ebola Nurse" Halloween costume, another story I'll be talking about on the show Tuesday.

This comes to us from the same people who are selling the Ebola costume on-line.
The get-up will cost you over $70 bucks if you really want to attend a party in bad taste.

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Bridge to somewhere

Monday, Oct, 27 2014

It's one of the main ways on and off Doty Island, and the Racine Street Bridge has a facelift coming....or will it be more like total knee replacement?

Find out what's up when we talk to the project manager today on the PhilCast at 4:30-ish.

What will happen?

When will it happen?
Who's paying for it?

How YOU can have some input on decisions that have yet to be made.

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