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Week 1; Weigh-in-Wednesday

Wednesday, Jan, 13 2016

Don't forget to email me your reports before 3:00 Wed. so that you'll be part of our rundown of how everyone did on this opening week.

email and all things PhilCast at

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Leggo of that logo

Tuesday, Jan, 12 2016

First glance, what do you see here?


White settler trying to choke the life out of a Native American...not exactly the kind of thing a city in 2016 should be proud of using as its official logo.

But the people of Whitesboro (you can't make this stuff up) voted last night to keep their logo just as it is.

We'll discuss as part of the Tuesday show.

We'll also be going to the big Detroit Auto Show live at 4:30-ish with automotive reporter Jeff Gilbert on the phone from there.

As a car guy, I'm looking forward to it.

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The light switch

Monday, Jan, 11 2016

They flipped the switch.

I kept talking about hoping that somehow the Green Bay Packers would be able to flip some sort of magical switch and bam, they'd be back to the Packers I watched earlier in the season, the winning ones.

Well, the switch was flipped yesterday in DC.

Pack Yak will live on for another week, as the Packers advance to the Divisional Round, playing the Cardinals in Arizona on Saturday night.

I know, I know....

The Packers were blown out in the desert a few weeks ago.
But the switch wasn't flipped then.
It is now.

Rich Ratay and I break it all down and have some fun with Pack Yak from 3-4 today on the PhilCast.

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Think pink? Think again!

Thursday, Jan, 7 2016

I have to say, I thought it was a dumb idea to begin with.

The idea that suddenly more women would grab up their guns and head to the woods to help thin the herd simply because they could now wear pink. Really?


And now we've gone beyond just duh...a couple of women from a state hunting group have come out against this dumb idea, calling it demeaning to women.

There'll be a vote by the brainiacs in Madison soon, and I'll discuss the story as part of the Friday PhilCast.

Mary Rhode of the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau joins me for "Chadoin' This Weekend?" at 4:30-ish as well.

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"Weigh-In Wednesday"

Wednesday, Jan, 6 2016

Here we go for another year; "Weigh-In Wednesday" starts today on the PhilCast.

This means that from now through the Wed. of Easter week when this ends, we, together, will try to eat a little smarter, maybe eat a little less and drop a few holiday pounds together.

The point of this is to make us accountable by reporting in each week on the show.

To take part, just email me on Wednesdays before show time at 3:00 with how your week went.

Pass along any notes....and your numbers.
Did you lose any? Gain any? Unchanged? Where are you at overall since you started?

An example of an email report might go something like this:
Back up one pound this week. I think it was because of the popcorn I ate while watching the Oscars on TV. Overall still down 2.5 pounds.

Every time you report in on a Wed. and I read your note on the air your name goes into the hopper. The more times you mail in during the run the better your chances of winning in a random draw on Easter week.

Winner will get a custom-made PC sweatshirt. (and we may be adding to that drawing as well)

Good luck. We start today. And the reports will be read during the first segment of the show each week.

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