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Chadoin' This Weekend?

Friday, Jan, 23 2015

Mild Saturday.
Snow on Sunday.
No NFL football.

Chadoin' This Weekend? at 4:30-ish on the PhilCast Friday.

CLICK HERE to post up your event/plans and then join us to find out what's up in the area this weekend as we chat with Mary Rhode of the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Woman throws a ferry fit

Thursday, Jan, 22 2015

Outstanding audio of the day on the PhilCast Thursday....
CLICK HERE to watch the viral video of the Canadian woman who throws a hissy fit because she missed her ferry and they wouldn't let her on late.

Warning....she does let a naughty word loose at one point.

This is the price we pay for being a spoiled-rotten, all-about-me, I- want-it-now society.

On the plus side....everyone shoots video of everything these days so we get to watch and listen to nut jobs like this for a laugh.

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Aaron Rodgers likes his balls hard

Wednesday, Jan, 21 2015

Too obvious Tom Brady?

It's being called DeflateGate...So Tom Brady and the Patriots are going to get busted for cheating....again.

This time for letting air out of the footballs they use so that Tom's wonderfully-soft hands I imagine can better handle the ball when he passes.

Aaron Rodgers actually said he likes his balls firm, because he has such a strong grip.

They should kick the Pats out the Super Bowl and just have the Packers play Seattle again, and this time get it right!

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"Festa Cianciola" trip update

Tuesday, Jan, 20 2015

My friends at Fox World Travel tell me that there is now limited space left to join us for our "Festa Cianciola" trip to Northern Italy in July.

The trip is filling up, and if you are even thinking about taking this adventure of a lifetime with us, please do CLICK HERE for all the info about the trip and decide soon before it is too late.

Mrs. Biggest Name and I will be leading the way, starting in Milan.
And now even Lips LaBelle and Mrs. Lips are joining us as well.

It's going to be a blast! Hope you can join us.

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Chief wants to shoot own police dog

Tuesday, Jan, 20 2015

Oh he says he's sorry for saying it now, but who says that in the first place?
Today on the PhilCast more about this knucklehead chief in the Chicago burbs and what he said about this handler's dog, Biko.

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