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A farewell to Pip

Friday, May, 1 2015

We close out the PhilCast week Friday with a show shortened by an afternoon Brewers' game in Chicago.

We should be on after the game ends around 4:30-ish when Mary Rhode of the Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau stops by to talk weekend events.

Then we'll have what will be the final "ReciPIPPA the Week" with Pippa in Appleton.

It's been a good solid run for Pip and her Friday feature, but she has decided it is time to move on and keep her Friday afternoons free.

Pip has been offering up a little something once a week on the show since it started, and when the PhilCast came to WHBY that tradition just carried on.

We're glad it did.

It has been fun, and of course, she'll remain a PC Family member and may be checking in from time to time.

Thanks for all the great recipe ideas along the way Pip.

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The new selfie stick?

Thursday, Apr, 30 2015

There it is....

For the selfie-loving self who wants to make it look like there was someone there with you who cared enough to take your picture....even though it was only you.

One of the goofy things I'll be covering on the Thursday PhilCast.

Bigger question on this photo seems like it should be about the statue growing out of her head.

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Baby talk

Wednesday, Apr, 29 2015

Okay, this is getting out of control.

A new study shows that more than a third of kids under one year old are already swiping away on cellphones and tablets.

And in fact, they have a stat that shows some one year olds have already used the cell phone to call someone!

It's all part of a discussion about how phones are the new baby sitters in a way.

But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

We discuss as part of the Wednesday PhilCast.

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"Knock, knock..."

Tuesday, Apr, 28 2015

Knock, knock.
Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I'm back on the air today?

Don't answer that.

I took this picture at a roadside stand on the way to Ventura, California during our SoCal trip last week.

Lets just say these babies don't taste anything like what comes from the stores around here.

Stories from California today on the return of the PhilCast live.
We had a ball, but it's always good to be back home.

(oh, and one of those stories I'll tell is a funny one about a Packers' fan)

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Would YOU eat this?

Tuesday, Apr, 21 2015

I'll discuss on the show....

The bacon-wrapped, deep-fried Oreo...It's a thing.

Question is, would you eat it?

At least try it?

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