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The priest that played grab-ass with me

Tuesday, Mar, 1 2016

In the 4:00 hour of the show today I am going to talk about something some might find controversial, but that's exactly why I want people to hear the story.

I've eluded to it on the air in the past, but after the movie "Spotlight" won best picture at the Oscars it got me thinking about a couple of things.

1) I need to go see that movie now
2) I have a connection to that movie whether I want it or not. And now, I think I have an obligation to talk about it as well.

Just seeing his picture brings back a lot of memories, shoved somewhere deep in the back of my brain.

But events like learning about this movie remind me that those memories will always be there somewhere, as is the anger.

And it's not even so much the anger of what this priest did, but more so the anger of what the church didn't do about him.

My story after the 4:00 news today.

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Cranky old TV guy & the dog

Monday, Feb, 29 2016

Click here to see the clip of the cranky old TV reporter who can't deal with the dog in his live shot.

Makes me laugh every time I see it.

Part of the Monday PhilCast, along with my take on last night's Oscars, including what I thought was the best line of the entire (long) night.

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Oh-oh, urine trouble now

Friday, Feb, 26 2016

Say it ain't so!

A guy sat in a urine-soaked jet seat for about an hour before realizing what was going on.


How did it happen?

I've got the story about the guy that no doubt was pissed about this happening.

Friday on the PhilCast...

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Impregnated by the Stanley Cup?

Thursday, Feb, 25 2016

Who knew?

The power of the Stanley Cup actually helped get a woman pregnant because she kissed the cup.

It's an odd one, and I'll have it on the Thursday show.

Plus, the guy whose crotch blew up like sparklers on the 4th of July when an e-cig went bad in his pants.

And Lips LaBelle with Hollywood news and gossip as we head into Oscars weekend.

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How pie could hurt you

Wednesday, Feb, 24 2016

It's "Weigh-In Wednesday" Week #7 and as of this writing I am not sure how I did.
I'll be getting on the scale after my workout on the bike.

But the pie from yesterday's PieBate 2016 Appleton mayoral debate won't help I'm guessing.

True, I DID only have one small slice of cherry pie at the actual debate, which we'll be talking about (some of your reactions have been interesting) after Weigh-In Wed. reports today.

But, I also had a piece of apple that I took home with me to enjoy after dinner.

Like Mary Rhode teased me (but true) it's all about portion control, which seems to go out the window with me when it comes to pie!

Make sure email me your WW reports before the start of the show today at 3:00.

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