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Friday, Apr, 29 2016

It was a very successful night at the PAC Thursday night, raising funds for B.A.B.E.S.

I even threw down some lip sync on stage to as I called it, "Set the bar low for the teams competing."

Thanks to all those who bid in the auction I called.

All in all a fun night.

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Baseball & B.A.B.E.S.

Thursday, Apr, 28 2016

The Thursday PhilCast features both baseball and B.A.B.E.S., something I thought would be funny to Google image and see what comes up.

This is one of the tamer images...

Not babes...rather, B.A.B.E.S., the child-abuse prevention non-profit that does great work in Appleton with families that need a little help once in a while.

Whether it's just a break from the kids with some sitting, a meal, some guidance, some help in parenting in any form, B.A.B.E.S. has been there offering that helping hand.

And it's all FREE to parents as well.

That's why tonight's award's banquet and fundraiser is so important to them.

I'll be auctioning off a few items and hosting their lip sync challenge, another way they are raising funds tonight at the Appleton PAC downtown.

Following the afternoon Brewers game on HBY today against the Cubs, I'll be live from the PAC with the final hour of the PhilCast. Then it will be off to raise money for B.A.B.E.S.

You can watch the lip sync challenge via live stream at their Facebook page.

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Basketball ring

Wednesday, Apr, 27 2016

Where was Ted Cruz during March Madness, when all those college kids were throwin' down the rock from three-point range right into the 'basketball ring' at the buzzer?

Basketball ring.

Oh yeah, I'll have some fun with this today to open the Wednesday showgrum.

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Sock loss

Tuesday, Apr, 26 2016

Science can be a wonderful thing...when applied to things useful in life.

This, is not the case.

I learned today that there is something called the "Sock Loss Index" developed by those who call themselves scientists.

The 'SLI' reveals that the average person will lose 15 socks per year in the laundry.

We'll discuss on the Tuesday PhilCast.

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Pictures from a trip

Monday, Apr, 25 2016

Back from a wonderful week of vacation and broadcasting on WSEA, my pretend sea shelling show on my pretend radio know, the one I am going to buy and create as soon as I win the Powerball lottery.

Today it's stories from the trip, including a couple of local Fox Valley run-ins while on the islands.

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