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St. Pat's toast

Thursday, Mar, 17 2016

Here are five drinks you can order if you;re out and about....or make at home for your party...

1.  An Irish Mule. 
It's like a Moscow Mule, but with Irish whiskey instead of vodka, and ginger ALE instead of ginger BEER.  It's half a can of ginger ale with ice . . . whiskey . . . and a little bit of lime juice.

2.  A Pillow Mint. 
It's Irish whiskey on the rocks . . . a half-ounce of Kahlua . . . and a splash of peppermint schnapps.

3.  A Misty Mint. 
You fill three-quarters of a glass with ice . . . add white rum . . . and crème de menthe to make it bright green.

4.  A Baby Guinness. 
It's a shot made with Kahlua and Baileys, so it kind of looks like Guinness.

5.  A Black Velvet. 
This one actually does have some beer in it.  You fill two thirds of a glass with champagne, and then fill the rest with Guinness.  And you have to pour the Guinness in last or it won't mix right.

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Two weeks to go

Wednesday, Mar, 16 2016

Mail me your Weigh-In Wed reports before the start of the show.

A week from today will be the final round and the drawing for the winner of the championship PhilCast sweatshirt.

Let's finish strong people. No cheating until we wrap it up Easter week.

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Dog Days

Tuesday, Mar, 15 2016

My little girl is getting old.

They called Gabby a 'senior' at the vet last week while there for routine shots.

She turns nine in April.

Any dog owner (or pet owner for that matter) knows the toughest part about having a dog is when their run with us comes to an end.

It feels just like a member of the family has died when it happens.

To that end, should companies give pet bereavement days to workers going through that loss?

Some companies are doing exactly that now.
We'll discuss on the Tuesday show.

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Food Photos

Monday, Mar, 14 2016

People love to take and post pictures of the food they are about to eat. And now there is a study that gives at least one good reason to do exactly that.

Heck, I'm guilty as charged.

Over the weekend I was giddy with excitement when we stopped for lunch at one of my favorite Italian places in my old neighborhood in Wauwatosa.

This is what they call the 'Snack' at Barbiere's Italian Restaurant.

Now, did this lunch for two taste even better because I took a picture of it before we started eating?

A new study says taking pictures of your food DOES make it taste even better.

We'll discuss on the Monday show.

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News about "The Last Alaskans" show

Friday, Mar, 11 2016

I just got word about some news regarding "The Last Alaskans" TV show and one of its stars, Heimo, our PhilCast buddy from right here in Appleton.

We have a season two start date and we also have the inside story on the PhilCast delivery that was made up there involving Jacob's Meat Market of Appleton.

That, plus another edition of "Chadoin' This Weekend?" and more on a Fish Fry Friday leading into a don't forget to put your clocks ahead an hour weekend.

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