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RU breaking the law on the road?

Tuesday, May, 27 2014

Welcome back to the real world, post-Memorial Day Weekend.
It was nice, but now it's time to get back to Philcasting.

'HowzYer Weekend?' will feature my stories of how things went south at PhilCast SW over the weekend.

Plus, I learned that it seems I'm breaking the law every time I drive my car. And I bet many of you are doing the same thing and don't even know me.

We'll check on the facts and relay the story today on the Tuesday show.

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New PhilCast hats are here

Friday, May, 23 2014

New PhilCast caps are in just in time for summer.

You'll be able to win one when the show is out on the road doing live remotes this summer.

We have at least two stops planned for live shows already....

At the Outagamie County Fair and we'll also be doing a live show from Bulk Priced Foods in July.

We'll go live to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to kick off the show on Friday.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Back at it on Tuesday.

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Jesus finds a new gnome?

Thursday, May, 22 2014

One of today's stories on the PhilCast really needs this visual...
A gnome given as a gag gift falls and cracks open. There inside is another statue of some type that appears to have been altered. It looks, they say, like the head of Jesus on a woman's body.

See for yourself.

This is what was inside when it fell and broke open.

And below is a close up of what was inside.

Jesus' head on the body of a woman?

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Bucks' pick; Mallory Edens

Wednesday, May, 21 2014

Take a deep breath people.
Or, should I say 'guys'?

There she is, Mallory unknown until last night when the daughter of one of the co-owners of the Bucks was made the team's official rep at the draft lottery.

Sure the team got the #2 selection, but the bigger news seems to have been the coming out of Mallory here...who went from a couple hundred followers on Twitter to God knows how many as I type this.

At one point she gained 10,000 Twitter followers in an hour last night.

I'm guessing many of them are men....some of which were proposing marriage and others proposing things a lot worse. Ah, the good old interwebs.

She's only 18 boys...take a deep breath and behave yourselves.
But it just goes to show you how far a cute smile will take you in this world.

As for my reaction?
She kinda looks like Marsha Brady to me.

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Historic hotel coming down

Tuesday, May, 20 2014

And that was after the original one burned down.

A piece of history will come down in Menasha, as the decision has been made to get rid of this grand old building in favor of something new, modern, and hopefully money-making for Menasha.

Cash is all well and good, but I'm a fan of old buildings oozing with character. I know they aren't efficient or cheap to renovate and keep functioning. Hell, we bought a house like that! I live it.

It saddens me to see a grand old building go away forever, but it is worse when it gives way for something that doesn't respect the spot. It's still unclear as to what exactly will take the place of this grand old lady.

I'll talk about this today on the show at 4:30-ish with the president of the Menasha Historical Society.

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