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Jon Stewart's replacement

Wednesday, Feb, 11 2015

I like the Daily Show....have for years.
I like Jon Stewart....have for years.

But I think the show can do just fine in the future without him because of the writers, the strength of any good comedy show.

Still, who can pull off holding down that anchor chair night after night?

In my not-so-humble opinion there is a clear favorite--John Oliver.

Heck, he's already got the same first name, albeit spelled in a different way.

Yup, JO is doing it now on HBO, which I do not subscribe to.

If he makes the move I'd get to watch Oliver again on the Daily Show if he were to come back as the lead guy.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 2 month(s) ago Comment On This Post

Sexy French?

Tuesday, Feb, 10 2015

Hold the phone on that one.

Today on the Tuesday PhilCast I've got a story about the sexiest accent on the planet.
They did a global survey on that and it turns out the French have fallen from accent grace.

In fact, French came in fifth on the list of sexiest accents.


I have my doubts. We'll discuss.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 2 month(s) ago Comment On This Post

Thinking Out Loud

Monday, Feb, 9 2015

I watched a good portion of the Grammy Awards last night on CBS.

Granted, the show was so long I was able to watch Downton Abbey in the middle of it and still have plenty to see when I got back to the awards.

I saw and heard a lot of garbage, (I'm lookin' at YOU Kanye) but I was pleasantly surprised by at least one performance, so much so that I might even buy his CD.

Ed Sheeran performed his tune "Thinking Out Loud" with John Mayer on stage.

No gimmicks.
No half-naked dancers.
Just a band playing what I found to be a very good song on stage.

CLICK HERE to watch and listen to it.
Well done!

posted by: Phil Cianciola 2 month(s) ago Comment On This Post

Fish to go

Friday, Feb, 6 2015

Maureen Wallenfang of the Post-Crescent, a.k.a. "The Buzzer" opens the Friday PhilCast with me talking, what else, fish fry.

Specifically, she did a column about what people thought was the best take out fry on a Friday.

I'll reveal my pick when we chat.

There are certainly several things that make up the perfect take-out, which isn't easy to find. In most cases it's better to hit it fresh and hot at the restaurant, but once in a while there's magic in that styrofoam container as you munch in the comfort of your own home.

posted by: Phil Cianciola 2 month(s) ago Comment On This Post

Old-man haircuts on kids

Wednesday, Feb, 4 2015

Just funny to me...
Old-guy haircuts on young kids.

This is happening at a barber shop in the Atlanta area.

So I guess as a parent you could threaten them with a haircut like this!

posted by: Phil Cianciola 2 month(s) ago Comment On This Post

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