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Autograph or selfie?

Tuesday, May, 17 2016

Are these still around?

Are autographs still a thing?

On the Tuesday PhilCast I have a story that got me thinking about getting autographs.

Is that still something people do or are these signatures being replaced by the celeb selfie?

Which leads to the bigger question to ponder.

You meet a celeb and you want to capture that moment in time as memory for life.

Which would you rather get, an autograph or a selfie with him or her?

Chime in with your answer at the PhilCast Facebook fan page.

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Monday, May, 16 2016

Here is the picture that goes with the shark story I'll be talking about on Monday's show.

Shark bites.

Shark dies.

Shark still stuck in lady's arm as they transport both to the hospital.

More to story as well, including why I wish it was a bigger shark.

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Wisconsin reunion

Friday, May, 13 2016

Click here to see the video from the story I have on the Friday PhilCast.

It's another example of why I say, "Dogs are awesome."

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Bike Week interview

Thursday, May, 12 2016

Bike Week in the Valley next week, and Thursday after the 4:00 news I'll be interviewing someone about the various organized rides/events that will be held all next week to mark the occasion.

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Facebook Fools

Wednesday, May, 11 2016

I'm going to check in on the Facebook news feed story today on the Wednesday PhilCast, using something I heard today from a CBS reporter that I happened to agree with on the topic.

The allegation from former employees is that the popular social media site filters it's "trending topics" with a liberal bias.

My bottom line is this, and it has nothing to do with liberal/conservative agendas...

Facebook is where grandma goes to see pictures of the kids.
Facebook is where teenagers go flirt perhaps.
Facebook is where people post pictures of how awesome they think their lives are.
Facebook is NOT a place you go to for news.

Facebook can do what it wants. It's just a social media site, nothing more.

If you want news, at least try to start with some place that has professional journalists with degrees working for them to bring you the news.

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