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Black ISIS gold

Thursday, Nov, 19 2015

Follow the money.

ISIS oil, to the tune of $40 bucks a month funding them.

Who buys ISIS oil?

They've got oil...
They've got money.

They've got a magazine...
They've got a help line.


I'll discuss at the start of the Thursday PhilCast.

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Father of the year IMHO

Wednesday, Nov, 18 2015

I'm not a dad.

If I was a dad, I'd like to think I would be as good a dad as this guy.

The audio is in French, but the message transcends language.

Today on the PhilCast I'll be playing the clip that has now gone viral...with good reason.

At a memorial in Paris this father calms and explains to his young son about the bad guys with guns.

I was mesmerized by this the first time I saw it.
I still am.
Guns vs. flowers.

Dad makes the flowers win.

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Tinted turkeys

Tuesday, Nov, 17 2015

I call it the countdown to Thanksgiving, and the clock keeps on ticking....clucking...gobbling...whatever.

Today on the PhilCast, the story of the tradition behind these birds.

It started as a little way to entertain some local kids and now it has become a tradition that draws crowds in buses just to visit the farm where these beauties are kept.

Question is, how do these turkeys get their color?

That's part of the story I will have on the Tuesday PhilCast show.

I wonder if the color leaks into the meat for a rather unique platter of turkey on the how the dye from the Easter eggs sometimes turns the color of the egg inside?

The pink ones could make a good breast cancer awareness statement.....or just make good breast meat to eat on Thanksgiving.

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Pack Yuk

Monday, Nov, 16 2015

That's not a typo.
More like Pack Yuk instead of Pack Yak today to open the PhilCast with Rich Ratay.

Manning was benched yesterday.

This should be an interesting hour from 3-4.

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"Shine Time"

Friday, Nov, 13 2015

On the Friday PhilCast, right after my daily chat with Erin Davisson at Local 5 I'll be welcoming the newest sponsor into the PhilCast Family.

"Moonshine Troy" drops by the studio to kick off our partnership with 'The Shinery' in Neenah.

Now, if you don't know, The Shinery boasts of being Wisconsin's first and only moonshine sampling house.

You bet.

And it turns out The Shinery offers a lot more than just 'shine' as well.

Troy will fill us in 3:45-ish Friday. I think he's bringing samples, which could get interesting.

Meantime, CLICK HERE to visit their web site, then stop over to the store in person, because as I always say, support those who support the show when you can. That's how this local radio thing works!

Welcome to the PhilCast Family Troy and The Shinery.

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