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What says summer?

Tuesday, Jun, 21 2016

What says summertime to you?

We've got a good list going at the PhilCast Facebook fan page.

Add yours. Just CLICK HERE to go post up.

We'll discuss as part of the Tuesday show.

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The 'in' water

Monday, Jun, 20 2016

Just so you know, THIS is the new 'in' water.

It's not just bottled water.

It's from Norway.

And it's not just in a bottle.
It's in this thing.

The story behind how I found out about this and all it's ridiculousness coming up on the Monday PhilCast.

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The McCarthy Beard

Friday, Jun, 17 2016

With or without?

Mike McCarthy and his beard.

The voting is turning into quite the battle.

CLICK HERE to go vote and see at the PhilCast Facebook fan page.

We discuss on the Friday showgrum.

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Day Dreaming

Thursday, Jun, 16 2016

How come it's called "Day Dreaming" when you are awake, but we don't call it "Night Dreaming" when dreaming while asleep?

Just a thought.

It has been a while but I had one of those bizarre dreams where you wake up in an instant yelling out loud as you are being poked and shoved by your wife who is trying to sleep next to you.

What brought me to yelling myself awake in fear?

I take a trip in to visit Dr. Reggie the unlicensed dream analyst today to find out what it all means.
Listen at 3:00.

Lips LaBelle also returns with Hollywood news and gossip on the Thursday show, 4:30-ish.

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Wiener Winner

Tuesday, Jun, 14 2016

Thanks to PhilCast Family member Sue for sending me this picture of a T-shirt after my discussion about losing a wiener at my cookout on Pier Day at PC SW.

I like it.

And so true.

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