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Seasonal Baggage Disorder

Thursday, Nov, 12 2015

On the Thursday PhilCast I'll rip into a couple of airlines and their seasonal baggage charges.

You may not know it, but some airlines now charge more for checked and even carry-on bags during certain times of the the holidays when, well, you guessed it, more people tend to fly.

And to me it's not even the fact that they are doing this, but what really sets me off is how they spin this.

I'll shake them down on the show today.

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Fox Valley Symphony visits PhilCast

Wednesday, Nov, 11 2015

for additional info about Saturday's concert.

On the Veteran's Day Wednesday PhilCast the conductor of the Fox Valley Symphony will join me in the studio to talk about the Autumn concert coming up at the PAC on Saturday night.

Brian Groner drops in for an "Artsy-Fartsy" PhilCast segment at 4:30ish.

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Edmund Fitzgerald remembered

Tuesday, Nov, 10 2015

Today's the day it happened.

40 years ago today the Edmund Fitzgerald went down.

Today it's memory is perhaps best preserved by the Gordon Lightfoot song, which will be played throughout the Tuesday PhilCast.

We'll talk about that fateful day to open the show as well.

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Packers' training camp bike

Monday, Nov, 9 2015

There it is, the tiny bike.

It's a little hard to really appreciate how small it is from this picture, but trust me when I tell you that is a small bike, especially for a big guy like me!

Pack Yak opens the Monday show, which will start with the story of how I was so frustrated at the Packers' flat first half that I left watching the game in order to take out some frustration on the pedals of my bike.

But I found my bike had a flat tire. So I grabbed my wife's tiny bike instead, put air in the tires and rode it around the neighborhood.

I guess I must have looked like one of the Packers when they ride the kids' bikes at training camp in Green Bay.

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In Memory

Friday, Nov, 6 2015

In memory of "Sammy"

PhilCast Family member "Theater Phil" said a final goodbye to his ill dog this week.

He reminds us to hug ours.


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