The Handyman Show with Glenn Haege
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10/16 – Mighty John 10 AM
             The Record Guy

10/16 – Karen Doster 11 AM
             Wis. Dairy Council

10/20 – Dean Kaufert 10 AM
             Mayor of Neenah

10/20 – Glen Lloyd 11 AM
             Consumer Advocate

10/22 – John Ross 10 AM
             Computer Expert

10/23 – Nancy Barker 10 AM
             Local Historian
             Topic:  Halloween

10/24 – Mark Maynard 10 AM
             The Chimney Guy 

10/24 – J.Meulemans/S. Van Ryzin
             Van Zeeland Nursery

10/27 – Linda Biese 10 AM
             Out. Co.Home Community
             Education Assn.
             Fall Festival of Quilts

10/28 – Ed Turek 10 AM
             Turek’s Plumbing

10/28 – Tim Hanna 11 AM
             Mayor of Appleton

10/29 – Patricia Sarvela
             Dev. Director
             Partnership Community 
             Health Center

10/30 – Chef Jeff 10 AM
             Fox Valley Tech. College
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