Appleton East marking 50th anniversary

It's the 50th anniversary of Appleton East high school, and there's a celebration tomorrow.

Along with that, language arts teacher Corey Otis says they're hearing a lot of stories about the history of the school.

He says it cost $5 million to build, before the doors opened in 1967. Before that, all high school students in the district went to what's now Appleton West.

Otis says there was a time in the late 60s or early 70s when everyone had to go to East, while West was being renovated. He says they split the day, and one school was in class in the morning, and the other in the afternoon.

Otis says the students from the two schools would have to pass each other, and sometimes words were exchanged. He says the two schools have always had a strong rivalry.

The school is hosting "Patriotfest" tomorrow.

Link to Patriotfest events