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"Wonderful" show

Saturday, Dec, 13 2014

The picture of the standing ovation from the packed house says it all.

It was a standing ovation kind of day Friday on the PhilCast.

"It's a Wonderful Life" was a smashing success, from the performance, to the crowd, to all the food and cash we collected for St. Joe's Food Program.

My only regret from the entire production was the fact that after the show I learned what was going on outside while I was up on stage.

People were being turned away, unable to watch because the building was filled to capacity. This both warms my heart but disappoints me as well.

I want to apologize to all those who came out with the intention of watching us do this live radio play but were unable to remain inside to watch.

We had no idea that many people would attend.

It warms my heart as well because once again, the PhilCast Family was there in force to help the cause. I also heard that many people who were not allowed in made their donations anyway.

Thank you for that.

I'll talk more about some behind-the-scenes stories and share some of the wonderful (pardon the pun) emails I have received from listeners about the production.

I guess it sounded pretty good on the radio. I have no clue really....hard to tell from up there performing and directing your baby. I'll be listening to it for the first time myself on Christmas Eve Day when it is re-broadcast on WHBY at 10:00 a.m.

Additional pictures will be posted to what is already at the PHOTO page here at
So check back there from time to time.

We are also putting together a video of the production, including clips from the dress rehearsal and interviews with some of the performers. We may make that available at some point down the road.

....and for those of you who have asked me if we'll do it again next year, the answer is no.
However, I DO have a couple of ideas kicking around in my head for a similar show next Christmas!

We'll see.

For now it's time to rest a little and recharge the batteries while enjoying the Christmas season.

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Watch Old-Time LIVE Radio this Friday!

Saturday, Dec, 6 2014

Fast Facts: The PhilCast Players bring you "It's a Wonderful Life", an old fashioned live radio performance

--Friday, Dec. 12th from 3:00 to 5:00-ish as the PhilCast show goes on the road and on stage.

--OuterEdge Stage, 303 Oneida in downtown Appleton.
Free parking in a lot next to the building, and a parking ramp to park in across the street.

--Admission fee is a donation to St. Joe's Food Program of Menasha.
Non-perishable food items, cash, check or credit card accepted.

--Doors open at 2:00 p.m.

--Stay for as long as you like, watching many of the people you hear on WHBY every day acting out this timeless classic live on the radio complete with sound effects, music clips and live singing from newVoices.

I'm finally going to be able to cross this off my radio career bucket list, and I hope you'll be a part of it all on Friday.

Merry Christmas!

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Cops deal with a tree hugger

Friday, Dec, 5 2014

Leading off the Friday PhilCast will be yet another story about the relationship between cops and the citizens they are supposed to "Protect & Serve".

Lets face it, this has been a tough week for police relations, which is why I wanted to make sure to lead with this story on Friday.

In defense of officers who put their lives on the line every day they go to work, not all of them are in videos of alleged abuse on the streets. No, there are plenty of good cops these guys in California who took it upon themselves to bring Christmas cheer to some kids in a family without a dad, or a tree.

The entire story on the show....but CLICK HERE to see the video of the little 'tree hugger' girl.
Good stuff.

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That BOOB Mariah Carey

Thursday, Dec, 4 2014

Lest you think she can actually sing, (which would be a great leap on your part), check out Mariah Carey's live performance isolated voice track from the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony. CLICK HERE

The singing is bad enough, but it's the boobs that get me.
Every year at this event with the boobs.

Somebody tell this airhead it's a CHRISTMAS TREE lighting, a family event.
Yes, she's gotta put the girls out front and center while she 'allegedly' sings at this deal every year.

Here are the pictures from the last few years.

Yes, nothing says Christmas like Carey cleavage.

"Mommy, is that Mrs. Santa?"

"No little Billy, those are Santa's special pillows. He needs a lot of rest."

...and last but not least, this year's outfit at her "LIVE" alleged singing performance at the tree lighting...

Put 'em away Mariah. Wrong place. Wrong   time to be dressing like that.

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Crazy jet pictures

Wednesday, Dec, 3 2014

On the Tuesday show I was reading some listener email and one of the conversations was with Suzi, vacationing in St. Martin. She sent these pictures of the beach where the landing pattern for jets includes buzzing the beach.

Take a look.

She wasn't kidding!

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