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Dress rehearsal is here!

Saturday, Nov, 22 2014

Yes, it's a rare SATURDAY blog posting here from me.
I'm up early on a Saturday in late November, and it's not because I'm heading into the woods in an attempt to shoot a trophy buck on this, the opening of the gun deer hunting season.


I'm hunting pulling off a huge bucket list project of mine on my PhilCast radio show.
Today it's dress rehearsal day for "It's a Wonderful Life" live on the show on Friday, Dec. 12th.

Coordinating this project has been a massive undertaking.
Script...Actors...Venue...Promotion...Sales...Sound effects...Technical...and the list goes on. I've been working on this for months now.

But it's really starting to come together. Today will be a big step toward the finished product when we will hopefully not only pull off a fun old-time live radio show in front of a live audience, but raise plenty of donations for St. Joe's Food Program in the process.

We have actors driving up from Milwaukee today to take part in the Saturday rehearsal, including Pack Yak co-host Rich Ratay, who does a mean Jimmy Stewart as our lead, George Bailey.

His son Rainer will be playing the part of George's son Petey in the play as well.

An old radio pal of mine, Steve Barber will be here playing the role of the voice of God, coaching Clarance the angel. Steve is coming up from his home in Austin, Texas just to perform in this.

See us old radio guys have a true respect for the golden days of radio when performances like this were the norm over the airwaves.

Appleton's mayor and country exec. will be in the production. You'll see my friends Erin Davisson and Luke Sampe from Local 5 in the production as well. Many of the voices you hear every day on WHBY have parts in the play too. Dave Edwards as the announcer...Carol Patrizi as Mary Bailey...Justin Hull as young George Bailey...The Good Neighbor Kathy as Violet...Bob Salm as Uncle Billy...Clark Howard as the bank examiner (of course)... Reggie the Executive Producer making live sound effects...the WHBY news guys and more.

Mary Rhode from the FCCVB will be there as Zuzu. Pippa and her husband, who plays a squawking bird, have roles. Rick McNeal from WAPL plays a mean (and drunk) Mr. Gower. Handy Andy has been waiting for months to deliver his line as the impatient neighbor perfectly...."Why don't you just kiss her?"...and Frank O'Dwyer and his Irish accent plays the perfect Clarence the Angel, earning his wings the hard way.

New Voices will be singing live on stage with us.
We have a couple volunteers, Desi and Noah from UW-Oshkosh helping us out with sound effects and music. Some students from Kaukauna High School will be acting out background scenes for us on stage.

When I asked, my friends all said count me in.
See, it really is a wonderful life.

I'll post some pictures from the rehearsal shortly afterward.

A donation of cash, check or credit....or non-perishable food items gets you in to watch us do the live on FRIDAY, DEC. 12th
3:00 to 5:00
Outer Edge Stage, Appleton, WI
303 Oneida St.
Lets help St. Joe's Food Program and have a good time in the process!

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Three more weeks

Friday, Nov, 21 2014

Friday, Dec. 12th PhilCast show.

LIVE from the Outer Edge Stage in Appleton.
303 Oneida St.

No reservations.
No tickets needed.

Bring a donation (cash, check, credit or non-perishable foods) to the door for St. Joe's Food Program and you're IN to watch us do live, old-time radio of this Christmas classic.

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Oh no, not WISCONSIN

Thursday, Nov, 20 2014

Ahhhh, one week from favorite holiday of the year!

But what's this?

Wisconsin has turned up on a national survey listing the best and worst places to spend Thanksgiving.

And we're NOT on the 'best' list either!

The story....part of the Thursday PhilCast.

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Mr. Sad Face

Wednesday, Nov, 19 2014

All he wanted was some fast food at a drive-thru in Florida...

Sure it was closing time.

Sure he was on a bike.

Sure he was drunk.

But what happened to lead to this, what could be the saddest mug shot of all time?

It's one of the stories I'll have on the Hump Day PhilCast.

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You in?

Tuesday, Nov, 18 2014

Yup, that's one of the stops we'll be making on next year's "Festa Cianciola" listener trip.

And there is still time to sign up to come along.

Today at 4:30-ish we'll talk to Toni Roland from Trafalgar Tours about some of the special things we have planned for our group on this trip.

CLICK HERE to see all the info about our adventure.

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