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Indy 500 driver on the Wed. PhilCast

Wednesday, May, 20 2015

Pippa Mann, the first-ever British-born female driver to race in the Indy 500 joins me on the show today at 4:45-ish.

This will be her fourth Indy 500 start, and she is one of two female drivers that will be in the field on Sunday.

Watch for the pink and white #63 car sponsored by Susan G. Komen, raising awareness of breast cancer with the colors.

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The countdown is on

Tuesday, May, 19 2015

Today is Media Day for the drivers of the 99th Indy 500 coming up this Sunday.

So, with that fact in mind, I decided to see if Reggie the Executive Producer could land one of the drivers to come on the PhilCast for an interview with me live this afternoon.

It doesn't matter which one.
Any of the 33 would do just fine.

It's all about the hunt.
I wonder how it will all turn out?

Will he secure an interview with a driver on Indy 500 Media Day?

We'll see.

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Food porn

Friday, May, 15 2015

Coming to Hardee's this week;

They call this the "Most American Thick Burger" and it's a burger, hot dog and potato chips all in one.

1,030 calories
64 grams of fat.

Good luck.

I'll also have a couple other new and rather unique food items coming out in the near future when we talk food porn on the Monday show.

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Play the "Name Game"

Thursday, May, 14 2015

'Time' has come out with a fun name game based on the popularity of names in past decades.

Where does your name rank in popularity now? They take that number and see what names corresponded to the ranking in past decades.

In other words, what would your name have been if you were born in the 80's, 70's, 60's, 50's, you get the idea.

CLICK HERE to find out.
We'll discuss on the Thursday PhilCast show....which would have been called the CornellCast in the 70's!

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No way to treat a veteran

Wednesday, May, 13 2015

There it is, a hearse parked at a donut shop in Florida, the body of an elderly veteran clearly on display and in violation of funeral home rules.

The drivers have been fired, even though they have a great track record and show remorse for this mistake.

We'll discuss as part of the Wednesday PhilCast.

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Go take a look at the picture on the PhilCast Facebok Fan Page. Then listen on Monday for the story…
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