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Think pink? Think again!

Thursday, Jan, 7 2016

I have to say, I thought it was a dumb idea to begin with.

The idea that suddenly more women would grab up their guns and head to the woods to help thin the herd simply because they could now wear pink. Really?


And now we've gone beyond just duh...a couple of women from a state hunting group have come out against this dumb idea, calling it demeaning to women.

There'll be a vote by the brainiacs in Madison soon, and I'll discuss the story as part of the Friday PhilCast.

Mary Rhode of the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau joins me for "Chadoin' This Weekend?" at 4:30-ish as well.

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"Weigh-In Wednesday"

Wednesday, Jan, 6 2016

Here we go for another year; "Weigh-In Wednesday" starts today on the PhilCast.

This means that from now through the Wed. of Easter week when this ends, we, together, will try to eat a little smarter, maybe eat a little less and drop a few holiday pounds together.

The point of this is to make us accountable by reporting in each week on the show.

To take part, just email me on Wednesdays before show time at 3:00 with how your week went.

Pass along any notes....and your numbers.
Did you lose any? Gain any? Unchanged? Where are you at overall since you started?

An example of an email report might go something like this:
Back up one pound this week. I think it was because of the popcorn I ate while watching the Oscars on TV. Overall still down 2.5 pounds.

Every time you report in on a Wed. and I read your note on the air your name goes into the hopper. The more times you mail in during the run the better your chances of winning in a random draw on Easter week.

Winner will get a custom-made PC sweatshirt. (and we may be adding to that drawing as well)

Good luck. We start today. And the reports will be read during the first segment of the show each week.

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Holy Bike Batman!

Tuesday, Jan, 5 2016

Ahhh, there she is.
MY road bike.

It sits quietly stored in my basement with a flat tire right now, but come April, once the streets are rain washed of the winter's salt, I'll start the 2016 road riding outdoor season.

The most I ever rode in one season here in Wisconsin was 4,125 miles several years back when I was a lot more committed to the sport than I am now.

Now, to the average person, that may sound like a lot of miles on a bike.


But it is child's play to the guy who just set the record for the most miles on a bike in a year.

I'll have the story of THIS guy as part of the Tuesday PhilCast show.
  It's a pretty amazing story too.
  I am not quite sure how he did what he did, but it is     inspirational to say the least.

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The unthinkable

Monday, Jan, 4 2016

So we're not North Division champions.
Life goes on, but Packers' fans let's face it, this has been one of the oddest seasons in a long, long time.

It's hard to even imagine that the Lions, the Bears and the Vikings all beat our beloved Pack, AT LAMBEAU FIELD!

I guess it is especially puzzling because of the start to the season. Despite losing Jordy Nelson, the Pack went undefeated and took a 6-0 record into the bye week.

Then the wheels fell off and the excuses started.

...They were on the road
...They were playing good teams

Then the excuses were getting excuses.
I guess the fact is that this season's version of the Green Bay Packers just isn't very good.

But it's still better than a lot of other teams, because Green Bay heads to Washington in the Wild Card weekend. That's pretty good for a lot of teams. Trouble is, the Packers are not a lot of teams. We here in Packerland have the bar set a lot higher.

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New year, new show

Thursday, Dec, 31 2015

Now that we've toasted away 2015, it's time for a new year and a new show on WHBY.

"PhilCast Weak in Review" airs Saturday evenings from 6:00 until 7:00, hosted by Reggie the Executive Producer.

He'll be providing some behind-the-scenes new content as he talks in some bits from the previous week of PhilCasting.

Check it out....
Saturday evenings, 6-7 on WHBY.

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