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Fri, April 15, 2016


Go ahead and eat and enjoy fast food, but don't stop counting calories when you're facing that menu board. To keep calories in check, follow these five rules developed by Dr. Jessica Bartfield, an internal medicine physician at Loyola University Health System:

1. Select grilled rather than fried.
A fast-food grilled chicken sandwich has 470 calories and 18 grams of fat, while the fried version has 750 calories and 45 grams of fat.

2. Pass up the cheese, mayonnaise and salad dressings unless low-fat options are available.
Cheese can add an additional 100 calories or more per serving, as does mayonnaise, and you probably won't miss the taste when ordering the plainer versions.

3. Order the smallest size available.
Go for the single burger rather than the double, and order the small fries rather than the super size.

4. Skip the sugar-sweetened drinks.
Beverages sweetened with sugar don't have much nutritional value and don't make you feel more satisfied. In addition, calories from sugar quickly add up, leading to excessive calorie consumption, especially at restaurants offering free and unlimited refills on drinks.

5. Save half of your order for your next meal.
Bring your own take-home dish and scoop half your food into it before you even take the first bite. This will not only save calories, but also time and money.

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Kathy Keene's Bio
Birthplace: Eagle River, WI (Located in God's Country, North of the Tension Zone!)

Family: Married 45 years to hubby Ken. Have added a new addtion to our family this year. On January 9, 2012, we adopted a three year old little girl cat from the Fox Valley Humane Assn. Her name is Grizabella from the Broadway musical CATS. We call her Belle. Also have numerous birds and wildlife in my backyard that love to frequent my ground feeder.

What I Like About My Job: Interacting with people. I'm a people-person and find hosting The Good Neighbor Show fascinating and challenging. I love helping people.

Favorite Activities and Interests: I love collecting antiques, quilting, reading, hosting cruises and motorcoach trips, spending time with my friends, trying new things, but most of all traveling and discovering new and interesting places in the US, Canada and Europe. Favorite place to visit is Alaska, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Favorite Music: I like the oldies and big band music; some jazz with lots of saxophones. Frank Sinatra to Willie Nelson, the Mama Mia Soundtrack and throw in some good old country music and I'm a happy camper.

Favorite Movies: Seabiscuit, A Murder of Crows, The Red Violin, and Shall We Dance. I also like action films and a good love story that makes you cry at the end.

Favorite TV Shows: Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Project Runway, Revenge, Harry's Law, Shark Tank, American Idol, America's Got Talent and Jeopardy. Also enjoy the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Newwork.

Favorite Books: To name a few, I like anything written by Iris Johanson, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Harlan Coben and David McCullough (Pathway to the Seas: The Building of the Panama Canal and The Great Bridge: The Building of the Brooklyn Bridge)

Little Known Fact About You: I'm fun to be around, love people, enjoy laughing and traveling. I would make a great "forever" friend.

Favorite Moment In Radio: There are numerous moments but I would have to say interviewing some of the great stars and people we all know. Introducing Red Skelton to a packed auditorium when he was in town. Had the chance to chat with him back stage and what a great entertainer and human being. Phyllis Diller was a hoot as was Tiny Tim. And how can you forget Myron Floren from the Lawrence Welk show, Aaron Nevelle, Charles Osgood and so many more I can't remember!

Anything Else You Think We Should Know: YES - I'm celebrating 31 years in radio this year, 2012! Shouldn't I be getting some kind of award for this??
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